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Phlebectomy Questions

I had a phlebectomy 36 hours ago behind my left knee. I am unable to bend my knee without pain. How long will this last?
Phlebectomy - 1 month ago1 answer
I can only walk for short periods of time or lie down. I was told I could go back to work after 24 hours. However I feel that I will be out of work 1 or 2 more days. What is the normal time off of work for the behind the knee phlebectomy?
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Why would my doctor miss taking the intended bulging veins in a phlebectomy?
Phlebectomy - 2 months ago1 answer
In April I had a phlebectomy performed and I have waited an appropriate time for the results I expected. I went to the doctor because I was experiencing pain and noticed veins bulging in my ankle and the back and inner side of my right calf. Those veins are still bulging and the pain is still there. I don't know what he did but I'm still suffering. I have all these little scars and nothing to show for it. I can't get back in to see him until the end of the year. What's up with that? I'm age 59.
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When can I take a bath after having a leg phlebectomy five days ago ?
Phlebectomy - 5 months ago2 answers
I'm desperate to have a good wash. I had the procedure performed four ago.This is now day five.
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Is dancing safe two days after phlebectomy?
Phlebectomy - 6 months ago2 answers
I danced a little to a couple of fast songs two days after having phlebectomy done.
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What are some side effects from having a hook removal of a vein in my leg?
Phlebectomy - 7 months ago5 answers
I've had four laser removals. Now they want to do a hook removal. What are some side effects of this procedure?
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I had a varicose vein removed about 2 weeks ago and my leg feels very tender, almost bruised. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy - 11 months ago2 answers
I'm 25 years old. I recently had a varicose vein removed. For 48 hours I had to ice it 15 minutes each hour and wear thigh-high medial grade compression socks around the clock. My leg is now so tender and feels very bruised but doesn't look bruised. Is this normal?
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My dad has a calf DVT that turns his leg blackish. Would a phlebectomy help?
Phlebectomy - 1 year ago2 answers
My dad has a calf DVT that turns his leg blackish. Would a phlebectomy help? I hope that if that vein was cauterized the other veins would take over and he would be more comfortable to fly and have a better quality of life overall.
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After the varicose veins in the legs are removed, what happens to the remaining vein above the hip?
Phlebectomy - 1 year ago5 answers
Also, why is there pain in my groin after the varicose vein was removed?
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I had a phlebectomy yesterday and now my ankle and calf are very swollen and slightly numb. No pain. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy - 1 year ago1 answer
I've elevated my leg and adjusted the leg wrap, but still swollen.
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My doc removed my healthy veins instead of my problematic veins. What now? What complications might I face? Is treatment still possible?
Phlebectomy - 2 years ago3 answers
I had the GSV removed from my left leg and LSV removed my right leg. However, the doctor inadvertently took the wrong veins from the wrong legs. He took healthy veins and left behind the bad veins. I'm not asking you to respond to the doctor's actions, I'm asking what now? What complications might I face? Is treatment still possible? I still have pain and a black mark on the back of my left leg where I did have superficial thrombophlebitis.
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I have a swollen lymph node following stab avulsions/phlebectomy. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy - 3 years ago1 answer
After my stab avulsions/phlebotomy, an ultrasound indicated that I have a swollen lymph node. Is this normal? I had EVLT late January and the stab avulsion March 25th, ultrasound March 31st.
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Why does my leg feel uncomfortable when I carry weight?
Phlebectomy - 3 years ago1 answer
Five years after having a phlebectomy, new veins appeared and my leg started to ache whenever I carried weight up to the point to be unable to carry my laptop in my backpack. Have you encountered this situation before? Why does it occur?
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Why are my ankles swollen nearly two weeks after having a phlebectomy?
Phlebectomy - 4 years ago2 answers
I am going back for my post-op checkup on Wednesday, but am wondering about swelling in my ankles. I had a phlebectomy a little over a week ago and quite a few veins were removed. Over these past two days, my ankles have become really swollen. Why is this happening? Is this normal?
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