A Patient's Guide to Vein Treatment Recovery

Updated on: November 28, 2018

Many patients are concerned about any downtime associated with vein procedures done on the leg. Depending on the procedure, you might need the post procedure instructions may vary. Talk to your doctor about your specific recovery, but below are some general recommendations.

After sclerotherapy

Following sclerotherapy, there is no downtime and no reason to alter your daily routine. You may resume all your pre-procedure activities, including work, immediately. Continue to keep moving and maintain a normal level of activity. The only limitations we place on our patients are to avoid high impact sports and strenuous activities for 2-3 days after treatment.

After vein laser treatments

Following major vein laser treatments, we ask our patients to use good judgement, but most may resume vigorous exercise beginning one week after the procedure. We expect you to resume all your pre-procedure activities, including work, immediately.

Routine activities like walking and stretching, are fine after two days. Obviously, you may want to limit your activities during the first two days when your legs are in ace wraps.

Try to avoid swimming and strenuous exercise such as high impact aerobics, weight training or running for 1-2 weeks.

Walking daily is encouraged and promotes speedy healing.

If it is necessary for you to travel, please stop and walk around for 5-10 minutes each hour.

Do compression stockings help?

There are no hard and fast rules with regards to wearing the compression stockings. We tend to allow more liberties in the summer months in order to accommodate our patients. As a general rule, however, we ask our patients to wear their compression stockings during the day for at least two weeks following sclerotherapy. In addition, we would recommend wearing them during vigorous exercise for up to four weeks following any procedures on their legs, including major laser procedures. Again, this may vary depending on the vigor of your workout.

By Dr. Mark Schwartz and provided by North Shore Vein Center

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