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After having sclerotheraphy injections for spider veins, my knees were extremely painful and I could barely walk for the rest of the day.
Sclerotherapy - 2 days ago1 answer
This was my third session and had no issues after the first two. After the treatment this time I had such severe pain behind the knees and couldn’t put any pressure on them. It was like that for the rest of the day. The next morning the right knee was much better but the left still sore and I’m struggling walking up and and down stairs. It’s now two days later and still the same. What can I do about this?
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Is it OK to wear full leg compression stockings after total knee replacement?
Compression Stockings - 4 days ago2 answers
My surgery was 3 years ago but my knee and lower leg are swollen.
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Will it affect my results if I wait longer than 2 weeks for my next appointment after sclerotherapy on my feeder veins and spider veins?
Sclerotherapy - 5 days ago1 answer
After injecting my feeder and spider veins, the doctor said "see you in two weeks," but I won't be able to go in two weeks due to several personal matters I need to take care of. Does it affect your cosmetic results if you wait longer in between follow up sclerotherapy appointments? (I was thinking a month or two.)
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I wear compression stockings at work during the day. It helps. Should I also wear them night?.
Leg Pain Treatment - 5 days ago1 answer
Once in a while I woke up from sleep with severe intense pain on my left leg from thigh to foot. It lasted from 2 to 6 mins. I am a registered nurse. I wear compression stockings at work during the day. It helps. Should I also wear them night?. It scares me whenever it happens because the pain is usually unbearable until it finishes its course and duration.
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After EVLT three months ago I have itching in both ankles. What should I do?
EVLT - 1 week ago1 answer
In the past I've had many years of itching in my ankles.
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Should I look for a different size compression stocking?
Compression Stockings - 1 week ago2 answers
Each day at work I either walk around for 8 hours or drive machines for 8 hours. To help fight leg fatigue I've recently started wearing compression stockings. However, they seem to be the tightest around the lower-to mid calf. The ankle section still is semi-tight, just not as tight as the calf. Should I be looking into a different size or brand? I have athletic calves, so I'm not sure if I need to look into a wider brand or not.
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I am pregnant and have significant pain form my varicose vein. Is it safe to do ablation during pregnancy?
Radiofrequency Ablation - 1 week ago3 answers
I am pregnant and have significant pain form my varicose vein. The doctor I am seeing is recommending not to do any procedure and to wait until after delivery. But I am in pain. Is it safe to do ablation during pregnancy? If not RFA is there any other procedure I can do to relieve my pain and varicose veins? If I cannot do any procedure what can I do for pain relief?
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Do I have to take pain medication after EVLT? If yes, for how long and how much is recommended? Is it necessary?
EVLT - 1 week ago2 answers
My doctor wants me to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night for 10 days. It is a lot and I do not like to take pain killers.
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I did a lot of walking at Disney, jumped down from a very small wall and immediately felt a severe pain. A large vein was bulging.
General - 1 week ago1 answer
This happened while doing a lot of walking for 3 days straight in Disneyland. It’s been about 5 days and the vein is no longer showing, but there’s a large bruise and still some pain. I’m 51 years old. What could this be?
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When can I resume barre classes after Sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 1 week ago2 answers
I’ve been wearing my compression stockings consistently for the past 48 hours. My doctor told me to continue wearing during the daytime hours for the next 12 days. She mentioned that I could resume barre classes after a week and a half. Do you recommend? Should I also continue to wear my compression stockings during the 1 hour class?
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The veins on my arms became extremely visible and darker. Is that normal?
Hand Vein Treatment - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I would like to know whether I should get it checked.
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Can I take Plan B after having a uterine ablation 9 yrs ago?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I am 48 yrs old. I had an ablation about 9 years ago. I have not used birth control since. Never got PG. I'm now in a relationship with a man who has not had a vasectomy and am scared I could get pregnant. I have not bled or had a period since my ablation.
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I have May thuners and need to consider a birth control plan that is reliable, safe and not an additional risk factor.
May-Thurner Syndrome Treatment - 2 weeks ago2 answers
In the past I was told to only do 100% hormone free options. Now I am hearing that the mirana has only the pesterone hormone with has yet to prove as a risk factor. Is this true, prestonrne doesnt doesn't have an affect on clots?
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Recently I noticed that when I lower my arms the veins in my hands start to bulge but when I raise them it goes away.
Vein Treatments - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I'm not super active except keeping up with my two kids. I have anxiety for which I take 150mg Welbutrin. I'm not sure if the two are connected.
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I had endovenous laser ablation done. Can I fly one week after? My follow up visit isn’t until 2 weeks after.
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I was not given a lot of instructions after my procedure. I was told to either wear the wraps or compression stockings for two weeks after, and that was it on instructions. The only compression stockings I found appear to be too big, so I ordered different ones online. I am taking a trip, one week post procedure. Is flying okay, or should I be seeing the physician before the trip?
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The bridge of my nose is dark. I recently found out about melasma. How can I cure it?
Photofacial - 3 weeks ago1 answer
I also have a little bit of dark spotting on my stomach, but my nose bridge is the worst.
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