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Is it completely necessary to wear a compression leotard beyond two weeks post recovery?
Ambulatory Phlebectomy - 1 week ago1 answer
I had a laser ablation at the junction near my hip three months ago on the great saphenous vein on my right leg. I had multiple phlebectomies two weeks ago to finish. My vascular surgeon recommends wearing the hose "as much as I can." I work outside on the pipeline and every time I move, so do the hose. They are uncomfortable and I am sure they will be very hot as well. I suppose my question would be am I any more at risk than anyone else by not wearing them? What happens if I don't? Thank you
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Can foam sclerotherapy cause stroke or other problems after 2 months of the treatment?
I had foam sclerotherapy for varicose vein 2 months ago by a technique called flebogrif catheter and I read that it may cause complications like stroke. Is the risk still probable? And what happens to the chemical substance used on the foam after the injection, does it remain in the blood stream and can it be spread by the circulation? Thank you.
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I'm a heavy person and my feet are swelling up badly. What kind of doctor do I need to see?
Lymphedema Treatment - 1 week ago1 answer
I don't know who to turn to. I take Furosemide and it doesn't seem to be helping as fast as it should be. Do I need to see a podiatrist or do I need to get a referral to go see a specialist? I've been off work for 2 and 1/2 months from total knee replacement and the swelling in my feet has not gone down the entire time. I'm a big guy, obese, 325 lb and that doesn't help.
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Compression socks seem to make my legs restless and achy. What can I do? I'm 5 days into using them.
Compression Stockings - 1 week ago1 answer
My compression socks are custom made from Germany. They make my legs restless and knees hurt. I passed my test on putting them on and taking them off. They felt good the first day, but the 5th day they feel very bad.
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I am a 30 year old woman. I was diagnosed with greater saphenous vein reflux and want to know any drawbacks (long term as well) to venous closure.
VNUS - 4 weeks ago2 answers
I have a family history of varicose veins. I'm an active woman and noted the vein for aprox. 1 year (especially down at my outer ankle area, back of calf, and inner knee areas). I wear compression socks. My leg gets "heavy" and tired quickly and the ankle often feels "odd." I went to my primary doctor who did not think it was a "big" deal but did refer me to a specialist in the area. Right away he said "I can fix this" and then did ultrasound the next appointment. Is venous closure right for me?
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What does atrophie blanche mean in relation to CVI?
Chronic Venous Insufficiency Care - 1 month ago1 answer
I have discoloration on my ankle and top of foot and recently noticed a small white center with a little indentation. From looking online, I am wondering if it is CVI with atrophie blanche on my ankle and foot. I have not seen a vein specialist but will soon. Is this from years of untreated CVI? Other than the discoloration which just appeared a few months ago, I do not have symptoms but I stand all day for my job.
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Which compression class is best for me? I wear Medi DuoMed stockings. How much pressure at the ankle is best?
Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment - 1 month ago1 answer
I had DVT-PE 2 years back, a clot in the full leg that is now dissolved. But I'm on lifetime therapy of acitrom. Lupus anticoagulant present. Please suggest which pressure value stockings are best for me. I wear Medi DuoMed. When I do not wear it first in the morning, my leg hurts. Otherwise my leg health is normal.
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Should I have further tests done after ultrasounds showed deep venous insufficiency?
Vascular Ultrasound - 1 month ago1 answer
I'm a 35 year old female and my feet have been progressively turning purple. I started noticing this 3 years ago after a cervical spinal fusion. I got the ultrasounds which showed deep venous insufficiency with reflux involving the common femoral vein on the right, and reflux involving the popliteal vein on the left. No evidence of reflux in the superficial veins visualized. ABI for the right was 1.02, 1.05 for the left. TBI for the right 0.69, 0.59 for left. Should I get an MRI or CT done?
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