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I'm 28 weeks pregnant and need compression socks for flying. Do I have to use the number one brand compression sock for $130 or will off-brand work?
Compression Stockings - 4 days ago2 answers
I am 28 weeks pregnant and will be flying in a few days. My doctor told me to get compression socks that are thigh high.
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I had EVLT in both legs about 6 months ago and I'm still experiencing pain, itchiness, and swelling in my right leg. Is this a sign of lymphedema?
EVLT - 1 week ago1 answer
I saw 2 vascular surgeons. One said I had venous insufficiency, then said it's lymphedema. The other said it's chronic venous insufficiency, reflux of veins and vulvar varicosities. I'm 24 yrs old and terrified I have lymphedema since EVLT didn't work. My right calf is 1 inch larger than my left calf. Please help.
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Would compression socks help with my varicose veins?
Compression Stockings - 1 week ago1 answer
I have a lot of swelling and bruising at times. They're sore all the time. I want some relief. Please and thank you!
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I injured my leg and developed a bloodclot. I'm an 18 year old female. Is there a cure? I cant walk.
Leg Swelling Treatment - 1 week ago3 answers
I hurt my knee badly. When I went to the doctor he prescribed me pain killers and a knee brace. The swelling was really bad and didn't change a week later, although he assured me I'd be fine in five days. A second doctor discovered it was a blood causing the swelling. He did an x-ray, but all he found was a superficial bloodclot on the medial side of my left knee. I can actually see it. My leg is still swollen. I can't bend it or put weight on it. I haven't been able to walk in two weeks.
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I had scierotherapy treatment two weeks ago and the vein looks more pronounced than it was before having the treatment.
Sclerotherapy - 1 week ago1 answer
The procedure was carried out on my leg. The vein is the full length of my leg and I kept a full length stocking on day and night for a week. I'm still a bit bruised which I am not concerned about. I am just wondering why the vein looks worse than before. I don't have a follow up appointment until January and don't want to wait until then if the treatment hasn't worked.
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Why do I have large dilated veins visible on my lower abdomen and hips?
General - 1 week ago1 answer
I'm 28, body fat of 18% (I weight lift and dance), and I've relapsed with my eating disorder for a few months now. I've recently noticed 3 vertical bulging veins in my lower abdomen (where my waist band lays), and now I have two bulging on my left hip and smaller ones on my right. I don't notice any pain stemming from them, they're just puffy all the time. I binge and purge about once a day, and I rarely drink water (only caffeine).
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Why do my veins appear darker after sclerotherapy, but still blanch under pressure?
Sclerotherapy - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I had sclerotherapy 2 weeks ago. They look worse, which is expected. But heaps of the little veins are much darker but blanch when I rub over them with my finger. Does this mean that those veins didn't respond even though they are darker? Will they go lighter again to their original color, even if they didn't respond? Thanks!
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Is a tingling/pricking feeling normal after radiofrequency ablation?
Radiofrequency Ablation - 2 weeks ago1 answer
Two months ago I had radio frequency ablation of my major Saphenous preformed on both legs. Everything has been going great. I'm wearing compression socks daily and just started going back to the gym. Last night I was awoken by what felt like my legs were getting bitten by something. I checked my bed and nothing was there and felt it again this morning in the shower. There are no visible "bite" marks. What could this be?
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I have several areas of red, bulging, itching patches on both legs. What is going on?
Microphlebectomy - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I had microphlebectomies on both legs. The first on 10/16/17 and the second on 10/19/17. I have been recovering well until the night of 10/29/17 I started itching (severely). I have had bruising and hardness which I knew was typical but I have several red hard areas that itch so badly I can hardly stand it. What is going on? I will call my doctor tomorrow but I'm panicking tonight after taking a look!
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Should I wear some kind of compression for a long flight after a steroid injection for a bakers cyst?
Compression Stockings - 2 weeks ago2 answers
I have a ruptured Bakers cyst and will have a steriod injection in November before my long flight to NZ, which I do annually. My knee is causing lots of problems. I always wear flight socks but am concerned as they end where the crease is in my knee. I spoke to my GP and he said don't wear any flight socks. I Have seen compression stockings advertised. I will also wear tight leggings. Is this advisable? Thank you.
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I had a total knee replacement 9 days ago. Is it normal to experience thigh pain?
Compression Stockings - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I have pain in the entire lateral thigh. I'mve been wearing thigh-high TED stockings on both legs except at night. I noticed increased pain when the stockings are off.
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Why do I have a numb/tingling feeling in legs, constant pain, tissue loss and increased varicose veins following laser ablation a year ago?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 2 weeks ago2 answers
I had numerous sessions of laser ablation with my cardiologist a year ago. I think I was her first patient. I’ve had severe pain since; I wear compression stockings everyday. I developed many new varicose veins. One calf muscle has a large depression in it; before it was just a round muscle. What could have caused this? Treatment ended when insurance ran out. I’ve seen her once since then. I’ve asked for my files 6 times to see another doctor but I can’t get them. Neither could another doctor.
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What will happen if I remove the GSV? Will it be higher pressure on the deep vein system?
ELVeS (Endo Laser Vein System) - 3 weeks ago1 answer
As I know, GSV transports about 10-15% of blood, the other 85-90 percent is transported by the deep vein system. If I remove the GSV with ELVes I fear that there will be higher pressure on the deep vein system as it will have to transport all volume of blood from the legs and in the future I may have problems with deep veins. Is it true? As I understand, in cases of high pressure on the deep vein system, some blood is discharged to GSV? And if there is no GSV, what will happen?
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Does this ultrasound finding suggest CVI?
Chronic Venous Insufficiency Care - 3 weeks ago1 answer
Based on my swelling and discoloration my doctor thought I have CVI but after ultrasound he said "all of your veins work normally and I do not see anything to account for your swelling," but the report says: "Deep venous reflux was identified in the common femoral vein, femoral vein in the thigh, and popliteal vein....IMPRESSION: LEFT: Deep venous reflux. No superficial venous reflux. Images are consistent with patient's leg swelling." Did the doctor miss this, or is this finding not an issue?
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