3 Compression Stockings Companies to Review

Updated on: August 18, 2014
As noted yesterday, VeinDirectory.org did interviews recently with variuos professionals who provide assistance to the vein treatment community. One important aspect of vein treatment that sometimes gets overlooked because of its simplicity is the use of compression stockings. Some people find that the use of these stockings may prevent them from needing further vein treatment such as VNUS Closure Fast or sclerotherapy. Below you will find three videos profiling the work of three different businesses that specialize in providing compression stockings to vein treatment professionals and their patients. VIDEO #1: This video profiles a product called Jobst which is created by BSN Medical. BSN Medical is the largest manufacturer of compression garments in the entire world and is also reported to be the number one physician recommended brand in the industry. VIDEO #2: This video profiles a different type of compression stockings provider. The company provides what is called a "value product" which means that the prices on their products are generally lower than the competition although they retain the same type of quality. It is believed that Ames Walker Hosiery, the company profiled here, has the broadest range of graduated compression stockings in the value market. VIDEO #3: There are compression stockings manufacturers all around the world. This one, Juzo, manufactures compression stockings for both the German and U.S. markets. Question of the Day: Where would you go to get your compression stockings and why? photo link
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