3D CT Scans and Vein Therapy

Updated on: August 18, 2014
Science Daily is reporting that 3D CT scans may be of great benefit for doctor's to diagnose and treat venous disease. They provide a more extensive view of complex varicose veins. The study was done in Seoul, Republic of Korea where over a 100 patients suffering from severe cases of varicose veins in their lower half of the body went under the 3D CT scan. The study showed that doctors were capable of spotting precarious and unpleasant varicose veins better, which they hope may aid in their progress of treating the millions plagued with this horrendous problem. By impeding the progress of venous disease, physicians can better monitor and prevent the rise of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Veindirectory.org can provide you with information about venous disease and appropriate therapies to help remedy the problem. If you are interested in inquiring or finding a professional in your area check out the website. Photolink
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