AngioDynamics Doing Well Despite Patent Infringement

Updated on: August 18, 2014
There have been a series of patent infringement litigations cases in the vein treatment world in the past year. Although there are various defendants and plaintiffs in these lawsuits, the bulk of what's going on is that Diomed has sued several other companies for infringing on patents in the use of certain vein treatment technologies. Diomed has seen mixed results from these lawsuits. For example, they were expected to win their case against Total Vein Solutions when the organization filed for bankruptcy. More recently, they settled with AngioDynamics in a situation which caused them to get less out of the lawsuit than the paying company expected to owe. Diomed isn't doing too bad in that situation; they'll be getting $7 million out of the settlement. But the amount is low enough that AngioDynamics isn't taking a big loss. In fact, things are looking up in the vein treatment world and the company has reported a profit gain in spite of the loss from the lawsuit. Question of the Day: Which do you think will come out on top of vein treatment manufacturing in the end - Diomed or AngioDynamics? photo link
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