AngioDynamics Gets Exlcusive Vein Treatment Technology

Updated on: August 18, 2014
AngioDynamics is a maker of vein treatment technologies which has steadily gained attention over the last year. The company received a vein treatment patent earlier this year which allowed it to move ahead with its NeverTouch VenaCure vein treatment technology. Shortly after that, the company gained attention in the financial world by impressing investors with its growth. Now AngioDynamics is in the news again after securing an exclusive contract for obtaining certain vein treatment equipment. AngioDynamics will be the exclusive recipient of a private-label diode laser system created by PhotoMedex for the purpose of peripheral vascular treatments. The laser will be used with the NeverTouch VenaCure system to improve the system and make varicose vein treatment more efficient. The exclusive sale of the product required AngioDynamics to commit to a large purchase of the product. The company did so in the belief that this technology is the right one for treating varicose veins. Despite AngioDynamics' growth in popularity over the last year, the company can't rest on its laurels if it wants to succeed in the vein treatment industry. The vast popularity of the new VNUS Closure Fast method provides direct competition to the technology developed by AngioDynamics. The company will need to work hard to stay in this competition. Question of the Day: What are your predictions for the growth of AngioDynamics in the face of VNUS Closure Fast technology? photo link
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