AngioDynamics Interview

Updated on: August 18, 2014
The news that's taken over the headlines in the world of vein treatment this week has been the court settlement between VNUS, AngioDynamics and Vascular Solutions. Most of that news has focused on VNUS as a result of the fact that the company gained nearly $10 million in settlements plus the right to ongoing profits due to patent violations by the other two businesses. However, there are some media reports focusing on the other companies as well, such as this extensive interview with AdngioDynamics president and CEO Eamonn P. Hobbs. In this interview, Hobbs talks extensively about the history of AngioDynamics. He reviews how the company started and what relationship it had with its early investors. He discusses the changes that the company has experienced over time in terms of innovation as well as business decisions. And he discusses how the company plans to move forward; they're looking at existing products on the market that they can invest in to broaden their business. Anyone who has wondered what's going to happen with AngioDynamics in the wake of the company's settlement with VNUS should read this long interview to gain a better understanding of the perspective of the company at this time. You might be surprised by everything that you learn, all of which points to plans by the company to continue growing despite these recent setbacks. Question of the Day: What do you predict will happen for AngioDynamics in the next several years? photo link
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