Can Wheatgrass Reduce Varicose Veins?

Updated on: August 18, 2014
Wheatgrass is seen by many to be a miracle cure. A recent article takes a look at all of the various ailments that wheatgrass can reportedly cure including sinus infections, wounds and inflammation in the ears. However, the article also points out that scientific studies haven't really concluded that wheatgrass has these healing properties. One of the properties that was mentioned was the possibility of reducing varicose veins by regularly drinking wheatgrass. Using wheatgrass to reduce varicose veins sounds like something that was brought up recently by a New Age healer somewhere, right? But it was actually mentioned in a medical journal as a cure recommended by a doctor way back in 1940. Technically, it wasn't wheatgrass that was reported to reduce varicose veins but rather chlorophyll which is a major ingredient in wheatgrass. It probably won't hurt you to try wheatgrass shots but the truth is that you'll probably also want to look at sclerotherapy and other vein treatment options as well. photo credit
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