Celebrity Varicose Veins: Natalie Portman

Updated on: August 18, 2014
Does Natalie Portman need laser vein removal for the varicose veins in her legs? The award-winning actress isn't even thirty yet so it's surprising to think that she might be having a problem with varicose veins. But it's hardly impossible for young people to suffer from vein problems. In fact, the under-30 crowd is the crowd that has to be most concerned with certain vein issues such as the importance of wearing compression stockings during airline flights. So perhaps Portman isn't alone in this problem. The report comes from Celebrity Fashion Watch in a post that complained about Portman's appearance from head to toe. "I cannot even tell that the dress was vindicated by the shoes because of those eyesore veins," offers the report. The picture itself makes it hard to tell whether or not Portman really is having problems with varicose veins appearing in her legs. But if she is, she might want to get them checked out. After all, these veins are not just fodder for the tabloids; they can also mean serious medical problems are on the horizon.
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