JUXTA-LITE: CODED, COVERED, & PUBLISHED FEE SCHEDULE HCPCS Code: A6545 - Gradient compression wrap, non-elastic, below knee 30-50 mmHg, each

Updated on: November 28, 2018
As of September 1, 2010 CircAid Medical's Juxta-Lite product was code verified by the Medicare PDAC under the HCPCS code A6545. This code is a part of the Surgical Dressing Medicare Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and related policy article. It is covered by Medicare Part B (DMEPOS) when used for the treatment of an open venous ulcer. Effective January 1, 2010, the published fee schedule for HCPCS code A6545 when billed with the AW modifier is $89.36 for all states. The fee schedule can be found on the PDAC website. Summary of Billing Instructions from the Article for Surgical Dressings Policy Article - January 2010 When the compression wrap code A6545 is used for an open venous stasis ulcer, the code must be billed with the AW modifier (but not an A1-A9 modifier). The RT (right) and/or LT (left) modifiers must be used with code A6545. When the same code for bilateral items (left and right) is billed on the same date of service, bill both items on the same claim line using RTLT modifiers and 2 units of service. Claims billed without modifiers RT and/or LT will be rejected as incorrect coding. Coverage of compression wrap (A6545) is limited to one compression wrap per six months per leg. If you have any questions related to reimbursement, you may contact CircAid Medical with any questions at 1-800-247-2243 or email to [email protected].
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