Ambulatory Phlebectomy and the Treatment of Varicose Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a proven procedure that's helped patients in and around Ocean Springs, Mississippi and other parts of the country find relief from varicose veins. These appear when valves in the veins do not operate efficiently, allowing blood to flow backwards and pool in the vein. This results in swelling and bulging of the vein, and many feel pain and heaviness in the legs. Ambulatory phlebectomy works by making tiny incisions above problem veins through which they may be removed with vein hooks. It is minimally-invasive and may be performed in a doctor's office or vein treatment clinic in a relatively short amount of time.

As the procedure begins, patients will stand so the Ocean Springs vein specialist may see and mark the veins to be removed. Once the veins are marked, the patient may lie down on a table and the specialist will use an antiseptic to clean the area and then inject the local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure. Once the area has been numbed by the anesthetic, the tiny incisions are made over the problem veins and vein hooks are used to remove them. Pads are then placed next to the leg to absorb any excess fluids, and the leg is wrapped tightly in a compression bandage. 

The compression bandage is worn for a couple of days to help the healing process, and then compression stockings are worn for a few weeks to continue to aid the healing process through the initial weeks. Shortly after the treatment patients will be encouraged to walk so the contraction of surrounding muscles may contribute to the healing process further, and also helps rid the area of excess fluids and reduces the risk f blood clots. Patients can return to work after only a few days at home, but should avoid any strenuous activities in the first few weeks—this includes heavy lifting and prolonged standing. 

Patients should discuss possible risks and side effects with the Ocean Springs vein specialist before the procedure. These might include infection and bleeding, although the chance of these side effects is less than with traditional vein stripping procedures. Those with darker skin may require a longer period before the incisions in the treatment area fade, but most heal without scarring. Other potential complications include discoloration of the surrounding skin, tingling, and numbness, but these usually go away on their own.

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