Compression Hosiery

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Compression hosiery (compression stockings) are now widely available all over the country. The hosiery were primarily designed for comfortable foot and leg wear but over the years these hosiery have been redesigned to help swelling of the feet and treat numerous leg disorders.

Compression hosiery have a slightly higher pressure in the toes and ankle, and this pressure is gradually reduced up the leg. The primary function of the compression hosiery is to prevent leg swelling and prevent blood from pooling in the feet. These gradient based hosiery act by squeezing the blood out of the foot and pushing it up the leg. When worn regularly, they improve the circulation of the blood in the leg and prevent the leg aches and heaviness which is common at the end of a long day.

Today, compression hosiery are manufactured by many medical companies and are available in various designs, styles and colors. The majority of compression hosiery are reinforced at the heel and at the toe. Compression hosiery are available for both men and women.

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