Compression Stockings: Practical and Fashionable Options

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Patients in Portland, Maine suffering from varicose veins should consider all of their options before settling for any treatment. As a patient, you should seek to inform yourself as much as possible, as educated patients are usually the most successful patients in terms of finding relief and recovering from venous diseases. There are several options for patients, most of which require the assistance of a physician or medical professional. Some home remedies may exist for patients, but patients should always speak to their doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes.

One option for those suffering from varicose veins is compression stockings. These do not have to be ugly or bulky contraptions that make going out in public a horror, but can be quite inconspicuous in some cases. Prescription compression stockings may be purchased with a doctor's prescription at a medical supply store. For mild cases of varicose veins, patients may wish to purchase support panty hose, knee-highs or knee socks. These options may help with swelling and the aches and pains associated with varicose veins. Better yet, they are far less expensive than prescription compression stockings and are available in most department stores and clothing stores.

Some patients choose to buy compression stockings designed to help leg swelling. These, however, create an even pressure all the way up the leg, in contrast to compression stockings designed to treat varicose veins that are tighter around the feet and gradually get looser as they go up the leg. The former may slip down the leg and bunch up, which may worsen varicose veins in some patients.

For more severe cases of varicose veins and when store-bought panty hose, knee-highs or knee socks are ineffective, patients should consult their doctor, who may prescribe compression stockings from a pharmacy or medical supply store. These are more expensive than the store-bought options and may run anywhere from $60 to $100. These may also be available as panty hose, giving patients a more fashionable or versatile option. These, however, are more expensive than the traditional prescription compression stockings.

Compression stockings help circulation in the legs and in most cases help to improve varicose veins in many patients. There are different types of or levels of compression available and patients should always speak with their doctor to determine which level of compression is best.

Many consider compression stockings to be the mainstay in varicose veins treatment. They are often used as a first option for patients suffering from venous conditions. When they are ineffective or do not provide the desired results, patients and their doctor may elect another treatment option. Compression stockings may also be required after undergoing another treatment for varicose veins, such as surgery, as part of the recovery process.

Patients in Portland, Maine that want to know more about compression stockings and fashionable options of such should consult their doctor or a clinic catering to patients suffering from venous conditions. Patients have other options beyond compression stockings when treating spider veins and varicose veins and should consider all of their options before making their decision. The best resource for information and medical advice is always a medical doctor.

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