Compression Stockings: The First Option

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Compression stockings have been used by many in the Leesburg, Virginia area in treating their varicose veins. While a vein specialist may recommend other options following an initial consultation, many physicians prescribe compression stockings as a first treatment option before other, more costly treatments are used. Of course, a physician may recommend other treatments right away if need be. Compression stockings may also be used following another procedure to help limit bruising and to promote healthy bloodflow. Patients interested in learning more about compression stockings should speak with a medical professional at a reputable clinic in their area.

Varicose veins and spider veins may be extremely troublesome for some individuals. Finding effective and safe treatment to help overcome these venous conditions is often very important for these people. Advances in modern medicine and technology have allowed for some tremendous improvements in the treatment of these diseases. Treatments such as radiofrequency occlusion, endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy may provide relief for patients. Some surgical methods may also be used. However, these procedures may require a significant period of recovery, especially in surgical procedures, and may be very costly in some cases. While medical insurance may cover these procedures in some cases, many patients and physicians first turn to compression stockings as a first option in treating varicose veins and spider veins.

Compression stockings are used to promote the healthy flow of blood through the legs. They may also be called compression hose or compression socks. While compression stockings may not eliminate varicose veins, they may help to prevent the condition from worsening. Many patients have also noted that compression stockings have been effective in alleviating certain symptoms often associated with varicose veins. These include heaviness in the legs, swelling and aching.

There are several brands to choose from and patients may wish to speak with a medical professional to discuss which brand or type of compression stockings may be most effective. Compression stockings apply the most pressure around the ankle, as less pressure is applied as they go up the leg. This is meant to move blood back up the leg towards the heart. Compression stockings may cost anywhere from $50 to $125 and may be purchased either over-the-counter or at a medical supply store through a prescription from a physician. Prescription strength compression stockings may provide more compression than over-the-counter stockings. Compression stockings may come in different strengths as well. The best way to determine which strength and if a prescription is required is to speak with a medical professional. Some physicians may supply their patients with compression stockings.

Compression stockings should be strong, but not too tight where getting them on is a problem. They may come in different colors, strengths and styles and patients are encouraged to find a style that they are comfortable wearing.

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