Does Your Varicose Vein Require Medical Attention?

Updated on: August 18, 2014

It all started with a leg ache. You didn't think too much of it – you probably pulled a muscle or something. But it seems different than that, since you only can walk a short distance without your legs becoming tired. When it got to the point that your legs became numb, you sought medical attention.

Your primary care physician referred you to a dermatologist, who in turn found a varicose vein on one of your legs. Oh, no. You hadn't actually noticed the varicose vein before, and now that you see it, it looks big and ugly. It's right on the inside of your leg, and it looks like one of those old spiral telephone cords, except it's purple.

You want to know if your varicose vein is serious. Your dermatologist tells you that at this point, it's just beginning to become a problem. He points to the rash that has developed around your varicose vein. He says that if this rash wasn't immediately treated with a special prescribed ointment, then there was a significant chance that it would ulcerate.

As you schedule your appointments for laser treatments, you ask the dermatologist if it would be possible to prevent any additional veins from occurring. He tells you to take more walks, so that your overall leg strength improves. Also, don't put pressure on your legs by crossing them, and when you're just relaxing, keep your legs elevated. These recommendations seem easy enough, and you're committed to following each and every one of them for the sake of your legs, and your veins.

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