Endovenous Laser Ablation and the Treatment of Varicose Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Varicose veins are troubling for individuals who are suffering from them in Encino, California and in other parts of the country. Many have found relief, however, through endovenous laser ablation. This is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to get rid of varicose veins by destroying them with laser energy. A laser fiber is used to administer the laser energy, which causes the vein to shrink and collapse. Eventually it will disappear. Those who are interested in getting rid of varicose veins should seek to learn more about endovenous laser ablation by speaking with a professional in their area.

Endovenous laser ablation offers a reduced chance of developing stasis ulcers, as well as relief from the aches, heaviness and pain often associated with this condition. Relieve from the unsightly bulging, purplish varicose veins is also a great benefit of endovenous laser ablation, and can help to improve self-confidence. Patients may also achieve more efficient blood circulation with this condition, and the minimally-invasive nature of the treatment makes it a relatively quick and easy treatment for those who would like to put varicose veins behind them.

The patient will be provided protective eye goggles to guard against potential damage in the case of unplanned exposure to laser light. The treatment area is anesthetized with a topical anesthetic for patient comfort throughout the procedure. Once the treatment area is properly numbed, the specialist will insert a laser fiber into the problem vein. It is then slowly heated using low energy, which damages the vessel walls and causes the veins to shrink and eventually leading to the closure of the vein. The vein is fibrosed after the treatment, preventing it from carrying blood. Blood flow is carried out by other veins in the area. Most endovenous laser ablation procedures take about 30 minutes to an hour to perform, although this varies.

Following treatment, patients will be provided a compression bandage on the treatment area, which should be worn for about a week. Most patients are allowed to leave the physician's office after about an hour. There are no scars left by this procedure, and endovenous laser ablation is associated with just minimal postoperative pain. What's more, this treatment offers nearly immediate relief from symptoms, and the recovery period is pretty quick. Following the treatment, patients should walk and may resume normal activities. Those who undergo this procedure should follow any recovery guidelines given to them by the Encino vein specialist.

Some of the possible risks associated with endovenous laser ablation include mild numbness in the thigh, a pulling sensation which may last for roughly a week, phlebitis, deep venous thrombosis and infection at the incision site. Bruising and some mild pain may be present, but patients may treat this using over-the-counter medication. Before taking any medicine, though, patients should make sure it is safe to do so by checking with their doctor. Complications associated with improper application of the treatment are possible, but this risk is reduced by receiving treatment from a well-trained professional.

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