Endovenous Laser Ablation Helps Patients Overcome Varicose Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Endovenous laser ablation is a treatment for varicose veins that has helped many patients in Santa Fe, New Mexico and across the country rid themselves of this venous disease. Varicose veins have caused embarrassment and discomfort for many patients. The blue, bulgy appearance often associated with varicose veins has caused many patients to feel ashamed of their condition and the appearance of their legs. Many patients have reported that they have experienced aches and pains with their condition, while some also report that the condition has caused heaviness in the legs. Patients suffering from varicose veins or other venous conditions like spider veins should speak with a medical professional to determine which treatment options may offer the most favorable results.

Endovenous laser ablation is a treatment for varicose veins that utilizes a laser fiber to help eliminate problem veins. The fiber is inserted thorugh the patient's skin and then directly into the problem vein. The laser heats the vein from within and the vein is damaged and will eventually collapse, shrink and then disappear. The vein is then no longer able to carry blood and the symptoms of varicose veins should begin to subside. Because the veins destroyed with endovenous laser ablation are superficial, they are not necessary for carrying blood to the heart.

This procedure is minimally invasive compared to other treatment options that may require a general anesthetic and an overnight stay in a hospital. Endovenous laser ablation does not require a general anesthetic and is often performed on an outpatient basis. Patients are often encouraged to resume their normal activities following this procedure. No scars are left behind by this procedure, making it an attractive alternative to surgical procedures that may leave scars behind. Of course, patients should discuss their recovery period and any downtime with their physician, as recovery requirements may vary on an individual basis.

The loss of the vein is not harmful to the patient. Veins targeted for destruction by endovenous laser ablation are not healthy and may even be detrimental to the patient's bloodflow. Healthy veins are not touched by this procedure and are able to continue functioning properly after it has been performed. Destroying the saphenous vein is not harmful, either. Not all procedures require the removal of the saphenous vein, however. It should only be removed when it is thrombosed and is inefficient. In some cases, a thick and thrombosed saphenous vein may actually inhibit bloodflow. Normal saphenous veins, however, should be preserved, as they may be used in future heart surgeries. Patients should always speak with a medical professional about these issues.

Certain risks and side effects may be present with this procedure. Possible complications include mild numbness around the thigh, a pulling senstation, phlebitis, deep venous thrombosis, infection at the incision site, bruising and other complications that may result from the improper application of treatment or mistakes made during the procedure. It is always important for patients to choose a medical professional from a reputable clinic who is experienced and highly trained in this procedure to help avoid certain preventable complications.

Those with further questions about this procedure, how it is performed, its risks or general questions about varicose veins should speak with a medical professional at a reputable clinic.

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