How a Microphlebectomy Can Eliminate Those Large Varicose Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Patients in Glendale, Arizona are presented with several treatment options when facing varicose veins and other venous diseases. Treating those larger, bulging varicose veins is often difficult for many patients, as some treatments may prove less than successful. Dark, bulging varicose veins may be treated with a microphlebectomy. A relatively short procedure usually performed in under an hour, a microphlebectomy is often performed on an outpatient basis. Patients who are suffering from bulging varicose veins should consult a vein specialist in their area for more information about this and other procedures that may be helpful.

Using imaging technology, the doctor is able to map the problem veins for greater precision and a better understanding of the patient's veins. The surrounding tissue is then numbed and small vertical incisions are made along the veins. The problem veins will then be removed through these incisions. There are no stitches required in this procedure, as the incisions are very small. There is also minimal bleeding involved in this procedure, and any scarring that may occur as a result of a microphlebectomy is often so minute that it is very difficult to see.

A sterile dressing will be applied to the treated area following this procedure to protect the wounds as they heal. Compression stockings are also applied following this procedure, and the patient is usually required to wear them for about two weeks. The compression stockings offer continued support to the treated area and help to minimize bruising. The minimally invasive nature of this procedure allows patients to return to their normal activities a day after the procedure. However, patients should check with their doctor regarding recovery and downtime before resuming any normal activities.

This procedure may be covered by insurance only if the procedure is deemed a medical necessity. Patients who are interested in a microphlebectomy to relieve their varicose veins should consult a vein specialist and speak to their insurance company to see if it is covered.

Several clinics in the Glendale area may offer this procedure, so patients should locate a clinic that uses only the latest equipment and tools to ensure their safety and their satisfaction with the procedure. Patients who are interested in a microphlebectomy should also consider other options before deciding on any procedure. This helps them better understand their condition and its possible solutions. A consultation with a phlebologist or physician will help to answer any lingering questions that patients may have.

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