How a Spider Vein Can be Treated

Updated on: August 18, 2014

No matter what a person's age, it seems that they can never be completely immune to various skin problems. Take, for example, acne. A baby can get acne if it is breastfeeding, teenagers get acne during puberty, and adults can get acne when they are stressed out.

Starting from being a teenager onward, the presence of a spider vein could also happen. This might seem rather incredulous to people who think that a spider vein is only something that could be suffered by older people. Usually, these kinds of veins happen in teenagers who are athletes, because they frequently put pressure on their legs.

A spider vein can also materialize when a woman is pregnant. The reason for this is that during pregnancy, the mother will gain weight faster than usual. The result is that extra pressure is put on the veins, and blood pools to create this kind of vein in particular.

Older people can get this type of vein too because of circulatory issues. It is important to note that while these kind of veins most often show up on the legs, they can also become prevalent on the face. Thus, there are two main ways that a spider vein can be treated.

The first way is to inject the vein with medicine. This medicine is meant to improve the blood flow, and also to make the vein disappear back into the skin. The second form of treatment involves laser therapy. This treatment is meant to establish the same results, and over time, the vein will return back to normal.

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