How Can a Varicose Vein Affect Your Health?

Updated on: August 18, 2014

People are more concerned about their health nowadays than they have ever been before. All you have to do is go to your local grocery store to see all of the different healthy versions of favorite foods. Of course, exercise is a popular and healthy thing to do as well. You cannot go anywhere without seeing at least one jogger or cyclist, and many people are becoming gym members.

Women who do not really pay attention to the wear and tear on their body might end up with a varicose vein on their leg sooner than they think. You might wonder if a man is at risk for getting a varicose vein, and while it is not totally out of the question, it is something that is more prevalent on women.

A varicose vein can be caused by a bunch of different things, but the most prevalent cause it pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant, the added weight of her pregnancy buts more pressure on her legs. There are many veins in the legs, which carry blood both to and from the heart.

When the blood becomes stuck in the veins, the veins strain to accommodate the blood and swell beyond their normal capacity. Thus, a varicose vein is born. Most of the time, the main concern with this kind of vein is that it is exceedingly ugly to look at. However, sometimes it can be indicative of a more serious problem, such as a clot. So, it is important to have the vein checked in order to be safe.

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