Knee High Support Socks

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Knee high support socks are available to treat numerous leg disorders. In the past 20 years, the garment industry has made a lot of progress in making compression socks and related products. The compression socks available today are simply excellent. Knee high support socks are available in every type of design and color imaginable.

The graded pressures in these socks is variable and ranges from 5-35 mm Hg. Knee high support socks are manufactured by many Companies. The support socks available today, allow for office and casual wear and sporting activities.

The majority of these support socks function well, decrease the feet swelling and leg aches. The fabrics used to design knee high support socks are also more sturdy, elegant and attractive. All of the socks allow for comfortable wear for prolonged hours. The support socks help move the blood in the feet and are useful when flying.

Many knee high support socks have a ribbed edge and firmer elastic that allows the socks to hug the skin and prevent rolling down the leg.

For every day wear, knee high support socks with a mild range of pressure gradient are ideal. Knee high support socks are available for both men and women. The costs of these support socks is variable and ranges anywhere from $12 and above. A prescription is generally not required to obtain these socks.

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