Laser and Light Therapy: Fast, Easy Removal of Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Laser and light therapy has helped patients in Skokie, Illinois and around the country get rid of their spider veins in a safe and comfortable environment. With many treatments available for the treatment of spider veins, patients are always encouraged to discuss their options with a vein specialist at a reputable clinic in their area. Other treatments such as foam sclerotherapy may be recommended to treat spider veins, but patients should inquire about the uses of laser technology in providing relief.

While not a medical necessity, many patients seek treatment to relieve spider veins due to their embarrassing appearance. They often appear with a central point and jut out in all different directions. In this way, they may resemble a spider or several tree branches. Whatever their pattern, they may cause self-consciousness in many patients.

Laser technology has made tremendous strides in its implementation in the medical and cosmetic industry. They are used in surgery, various medical procedures and many cosmetic treatments. In terms of treating spider veins, a variety of lasers are commonly used and patients should inquire as to which laser will be used for their treatment, and then discuss its benefits and drawbacks. Some examples of lasers used in laser and light therapy for spider veins include long-pulsed alexandrite, diode and long-pulsed ND; Yag lasers and intense pulsed light sources.

The treatment works by delivering laser or light energy through a handheld device towards a problem vein. A series of brief pulses are used and the lining of the blood vessels and the blood in the blood vessels absorbs the light. The heat causes the blood to coagulate and blood is no longer able to flow through the vein, thus eliminating its appearance. The body absorbs any blood through its natural scavenging cells.

During the procedure, a light stinging sensation may be present, although patients may choose to apply a local anesthetic or numbing agent for added comfort. Most cases require two to three treatments before the spider veins disappear, although this varies on an individual basis. Two to six treatments may be required to reach optimal results. In many cases, it takes a few months before optimal results may be realized.

After treatment, patients are encouraged to walk, resume their normal activities and return to work. They may be advised to avoid strenuous activities for a certain time period. Laser and light therapies are low risk treatments, although patients should be supplied with a pair of goggles to shield their eyes from the laser light during the procedure.

Another item to consider is that laser and light therapies are considered cosmetic procedures and thus are not covered by most insurance companies. Patients who are interested in this treatment are nonetheless encouraged to inquire with their insurance carrier as to whether the treatment will be covered.

Those interested in this procedure should discuss the treatment in greater detail and determine if they are a candidate for treatment by speaking with a vein specialist in the Skokie area, as this is the best resource for further information regarding spider veins and venous treatments.

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