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Updated on: August 18, 2014
Have you ever noticed a cluster of red or blue veins on your calf or thigh and not known where they came from? It is estimated that one third of all women will develop spider veins in their lifetime. There are options for removing spider veins.

What do they look like?

There are a few ways spider veins can look. They can radiate out from a center group looking like a spider or starburst. They can also appear like a tree branch, or a linear pattern with thin separate lines.

Sometimes spider veins can cause problems such as aching, a feeling of heaviness, night cramps, or itching. However, you can have spider veins while having no symptoms whatsoever.

Removing Spider Veins Laser Surgery

Removing spider veins laser surgery involves using an intense beam of light to minimize the walls of the veins, shrinking them and closing the faulty vein so that the blood cannot flow through it. This eradicates the bulging vein at its source. After the treatment, the blood in the faulty veins will naturally rework to the many normal veins in the leg.

Removing spider veins laser surgery procedure is usually done in the clinic with a local anesthetic to reduce pain. Laser therapy takes 45-60 minutes to complete, and is a permanent treatment.

The number of treatments will be determined during your consultation and depends on the size of the vein and your body's ability to heal. Removing spider veins treatment time lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. During the procedure, the laser's heat damages the vein walls and causes the body to induce a healing process. Once healed, the veins shrink and become less visible or in optimal results, disappear altogether.

Normally there are no side effects, but swelling and minor bruising can happen. Due to only mild pain linked with removing spider veins treatment, normal activities may be resumed immediately. It is also advised to limit sun exposure to minimize the risk of complications.

There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in your area that can help you removing spider veins and discuss vein removal further with you. If you are experiencing problems with spider and/or varicose veins you can find a Vein Treatment Center in your area now. is a leading resource for removing spider veins information. Search for a vein clinic near you today!

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