Sclerotherapy Can Help Varicose Veins!

Updated on: August 18, 2014

You might be older now, but you still look half your age. You've always been an on-the-go sort of person, and there's been nothing short of giving birth that has kept you in one place for too long. People have often wondered at your energy, but you simply respond that that's just the way you are.

Well, that was until your varicose veins showed up and needed Sclerotherapy. During your three pregnancies your doctor told you to keep off your feet, but you thought it was far healthier to keep active and go for lots of walks. After all, you were getting too big to successfully fit in a car anyway!

Your children were all born quite healthy, and you had no problem getting rid of the excess pregnancy weight. However, you noticed that after each pregnancy, some more varicose veins showed up. You weren't thrilled that your legs, once smooth and athletic, were now starting to look like a three-dimensional map. So, when you heard about the Sclerotherapy procedure, you knew that it was something that you were interested in doing.

You told your family about your plans to undergo Sclerotherapy, and while they supported your decision, they had no clue what the process entailed. You had actually only heard that it was a successful method being used to remove varicose veins, and you were sold on that alone.

Well, you realized that it was important to know the details of Sclerotherapy, so you hopped onto your computer and did a little research. It didn't take long for you to find the answers that you needed. Specifically, it was a minimally-invasive procedure in which medicine was injected directly into the varicose veins in order to shrink them. After the procedure, it was important to rest the legs for a little while.

The thought of having to sit in one place really annoyed you. You loved being outside and gardening, taking the dog for walks, and hiking. It was hard for you to imagine sitting in your armchair, watching awful daytime television. Well, at least it was a decent excuse to catch up on your reading.

You visited a local dermatologist that your sister-in-law had recommended, and explained your nature to him – this hyper nature of yours that had resulted in the varicose veins. Your dermatologist laughed, and said that while being overly active might have been part of the reason for the varicose veins, it wasn't the entire reason. Genetics were also a factor, in that rheumatoid arthritis, a common ailment in your family in later years, was now setting in on you, and the varicose veins were part of the evidence.

This was annoying news, but not anything that would have a lasting effect on you. You started going in intervals for the procedure, and stayed off your feet at night (but you still took walks during the day – no one was going to stop you from doing that). You've since seen gradual improvement in your legs, and you're thinking about buying those cute shorts you saw at the mall!

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