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Updated on: August 18, 2014
The city of Columbus, Ohio was named after the guy who discovered America, Christopher Columbus. Also called the 'Arch City' because of all the beautiful metal arches that span the city, and while the lines and spider d̩cor of some of theses arches is beautiful, a spider vein or varicose vein on your leg can be a problem and make you feel unattractive. But like your beautiful city, sclerotherapy in Columbus has been discovered to help you treat these unwanted veins.

There a couple of treatment options, there is a sclerotherapy injection process, varicose vein removal surgery or you may choose to jump to the 21st Century and try a laser treatment option.

Laser Treatment

EVLT or endovenus laser treatment utilizes the advanced technology of lasers for the treatment of spider veins and deeper, reticular veins. This procedure can be performed relatively easily right in the cosmetic surgeon's office. Lasers are extremely safe and effective on leg veins, as well as veins visible on the face, neck, and chest. The treatments cause very few side effects and you can resume your regular activities immediately following the procedure.

The number of treatments will be determined during your consultation and depends on the size of the vein and your body's ability to heal. Treatment time lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. During the procedure, the laser's heat damages the vein walls and causes the body to induce a healing process. Once healed, the veins shrink and become less visible or in optimal results, disappear altogether.

Side Effects

Generally there are no side effects, but swelling and minor bruising can occur. Due to only mild pain associated with the treatment, normal activities may be resumed immediately. It is also advised to limit sun exposure to minimize the risk of complications.

Sclerotherapy Injection Procedure

In this procedure, sclerotherapy injection, your veins are injected with a sclerosing solution that will make them collapse and fade from sight. This can also clear up other symptoms that you may be experiencing that are associated with spider veins, like aching, burning, swelling and night cramps.

There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in the Columbus area with treatments that have discovered EVLT laser options and are using them today. If you are experiencing problems with spider and varicose veins you can find a Columbus Vein Treatment Center now.

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