Spider Vein Creams

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Spider veins are small bluish veins which resemble "stars" with radiating lines. They may appear anywhere on the body, but are common on the face and legs. On the face these veins have been linked to excess sun exposure and on the legs they have been associated with increased venous pressure. Over the past 4 decades, many treatments have come and gone for the treatment of these cosmetically unacceptable veins. Today, we have laser and sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is only used for the legs veins. Even though neither of these treatments is curative, they do erase spider veins for some time.

Today all over the internet, there are newer ads marketing spider vein vanishing creams and ointments. Claims of immediate results, painless therapy and excellent cosmesis are highly touted virtues of these so called spider vein creams. In reality most of them are only camouflage creams and the rest are moisturizers (most just contain Vaseline with some additive). In truth, there is no cream or ointment that can treat spider veins.

Claims are made that these creams contain vitamin K which has the ability to penetrate the skin and make the vein disappear. This is a completely false claim. Three is absolutely no vitamin, nutrient or herb which can be applied topically and make any vein disappears. Vitamin K can only be absorbed from the gut or given as an injection. In medicine, vitamin K is never used to treat spider veins- because it just does not work.

There are other creams which are marketed with newly discovered vitamins (vitamins which have never ever been heard of before)-vitamin P and Z. Claims are made that these new vitamins can make spider veins disappear. There is not a single spider vein cream on the market which has been scientifically tested to prove its claims.

Unfortunately the field of cosmetics is full of individuals who prey on desperate people, giving false hopes and illusions of grandeur.

These expensive creams are at best moisturizing agents and with some fancy scent. Every single ad on the internet markets these products as buy one and get one for free. If these products did what they are claimed to do, why give away one for free? Why push people to buy 3 jars or a minimum of $100?

Best advice: Save your money and stop wasting money on products which only make you smell good and do nothing for your problem. If you are that concerned about your spider veins, go and see a reputable dermatologist of a cosmetic physician. In the end you will not only save money, but have the result you so desire.

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