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Updated on: August 18, 2014
Spider veins are small veins that are close to the surface of your skin and appear red or blue in color. In most instances, they look like a tree branch or spider web with their short jagged lines. Spider veins appear on both the legs and the face, spreading over a small or very large area of skin.

Spider Vein Prevention

• Wear sunscreen, protect your skin from exposure to the sun

• Exercise regularly to improve your leg strength, circulation, and vein strength

• Watch your wait to avoid added pressure to your legs

• Don't cross your legs when you're sitting

• Elevate your legs when sitting

• Don't stand for long periods of time

• Wear support stockings

• Avoid tight clothing around your waist, groin, or leg area

• Eat high-fiber foods

If you are already experiencing spider veins, there are treatment options available that can assist you in getting rid of these unsightly veins. You will need to schedule a physical exam with you doctor who may take x-rays or have an ultrasound of the vein performed to determine the cause and severity of the problem.

Take the time to visit with your doctor about what treatment options are available to you and best suited for your condition and lifestyle. Remember that not all spider vein cases are the same. And vein doctors may also differ in the ways that they choose to treat you.

There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in the your area who are innovative in their vein treatment procedures and can provide you with information on spider vein prevention. If you are experiencing problems with spider and varicose veins you can find a vein treatment center in your area now.

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