Spider Vein Removal

Updated on: January 27, 2015

See our updated article on spider vein removal.

Do you have problems with spider veins? Have you been considering spider vein removal, but just aren't sure if it's for you? Do you need a little bit more information before making that decision? Well you've come to the right place and I have just a little bit more information on spider vein removal just for you.

Spider vein removal

Sclerotherapy is used to treat varicose and spider veins. Sclerotherapy is where an injection of a solution is placed directly into the problematic vein. This process irritates the lining of the vessel, forcing it to swell and stick together, and the blood to clot. With time, the vessel becomes scar tissue that fades from sight.

The Procedure

Sclerotherapy can be performed right in your doctor's office. In most instances, a 23 percent sodium chloride sterile solution mixed with lidocaine and heparin is injected with a very fine needle directly into the blood vessel. Multiple veins can be treated at one session, depending on the size and location of the veins, and your overall medical condition.

Side Effects Include:

• Blood clots

• Severe inflammation

• Adverse allergic reactions to the sclerosing solution

• Skin injury that could leave a small permanent scar

• Pigmentation irregularities

• Telangiectatic matting - reddish blood vessels that appear around the treated area

There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in your area that can help you get rid of those unsightly veins so that you can be dancing in the rain. If you are experiencing problems with spider veins you can find a Vein Treatment Center in your area now.

See our updated article on spider vein removal.

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