Spider Vein Removal Options

Updated on: January 27, 2015

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As you age, are you seeing spider veins pop up all over your face? Your body? And is it TMTH (too much too handle)? If so, then spider vein removal may be just what you are looking for.

BTW, spider veins are those small, thin veins that lie close to the surface of your skin. Spider veins are caused by swollen and dilated, small veins under the skin. When the pressure inside the vein increases enough to overcome normal resistance of the vein wall, spider veins appear. In women, the ability of veins to resist increased pressure is reduced when the body's estrogen level drops.

Spider Vein Removal Option

Sclerotherapy can be performed right in your doctor's office. In most instances, a 23 percent sodium chloride sterile solution mixed with lidocaine and heparin is injected with a very fine needle directly into the blood vessel. Multiple veins can be treated at one session, depending on the size and location of the veins, and your overall medical condition.

A typical sclerotherapy treatment session lasts between15 to 45 minutes. Your legs will be photographed for record purposes. Then, you will lie down on an exam table where the skin that covers your spider veins will be cleaned with an antiseptic disinfectant. Using one hand to stretch the skin taut, your cosmetic surgeon will inject the sclerosing solution into the veins that are to be treated.

Precisely one injection will be given for every inch of spider vein which means that you could receive anywhere from 5 to 40 injections in one treatment session. You will be asked to change positions a from time to time during the procedure.

As the procedure continues, you will feel tiny pinpricks from the needle sticks and possibly a mild burning sensation. Because the needle used is so thin and the sclerosing solution is so mild the pain is usually mild to none. A cotton ball and tape will be applied to treatment site.

Sclerotherapy can and will eliminate your spider veins quickly and painlessly.

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See our updated article on spider vein removal.

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