Spider Vein Treatment for Dummies

Updated on: January 27, 2015

My how times change. See our updated article on spider vein removal.

When something is wrong with you medically, you should have it fixed as soon as possible. This way, you not only have one less problem to worry about, but you also might have prevented another medical problem from happening.

You have spider veins that have been bothering you, and your friends keep telling you that you need to get spider vein treatment. You haven't listened to them so far, because you've just been too busy to really care what happened with those veins. Of course, your feelings will change once it's time to start wearing shorts again.

After a particularly long day at work, your veins are crying out for help. As you slide into a hot bath, you realize that you can't wait any longer – you need to get spider vein treatment. So, the next day, you make an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss your spider vein treatment options.

You ask your dermatologist if your spider vein treatment could involve laser treatment. The dermatologist responds that eventually, yes, it might, but in the meantime sclerotherapy is going to be the first thing to try. The goal is to make the pooled blood move freely, and improve circulation. Thus, it is hoped that, over time, the veins will subside and fade back into the leg. If this particular treatment does not work, or if you have an allergy to the medicine, then laser treatment will be used. It has a lot to do with trial and error, but you will eventually have healthier veins!

My how times change. See our updated article on spider vein removal.

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