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Updated on: January 27, 2015

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Almost every city and town in Texas has veins clinics and physicians who treat spider veins. Spider veins are very tiny veins which appear like a "star" with radiating lines. They vary in color from bluish to reddish pink. Spider veins are also known as telangiectasias or burst capillaries. They are most commonly seen on the legs in the thigh area but can also occur on the face and ankle area. Spider veins tend to occur in clusters over the thigh area. Spider veins are common in all populations and ethnic groups. Nearly 30% of all women will at some point in their lives develop spider veins.

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins are associated with any condition that causes increased pressure in the veins. These tiny veins carry a small amount of blood and are very thinned walled. Anytime there is increased pressure in these veins, they will become engorged with blood and become prominent. Sometimes they rupture and present like a "star shaped" vein.

Are spider veins harmful?

No spider veins cause no ill health and are only a cosmetic concern to most females.

Can spider veins cause leg pain or swelling?

No, spider veins cause no symptoms. They are generally 1-2 mm in size and not capable of causing any leg swelling or pain. If you have symptoms of leg pain or swelling, then the cause may be something else.

What conditions are associated with spider veins?

The most common conditions associated with spider veins are:

- female gender

- pregnancy

- obesity

- standing for prolonged periods

- trauma

- use of birth control pill

What is the treatment of spider veins?

Spider veins can be treated with either:

- compression stockings

- sclerotherapy

- laser

- camouflage

Surgery is never used to treat spider veins.

Can Spider veins be cured permanently?

No, spider veins cannot be cured. One can eliminate them but they do recur over time.

What is the initial treatment of spider veins?

Most cosmetic surgeons in Texas recommend that a trial of compression stockings be undertaken. For those who have not made up their mind about other treatments, compression stockings may be the cheapest and most effective way of preventing more spider veins. These stockings unfortunately cannot remove the spider veins which are already present. A negative aspect for compression stockings in Texas is the hot weather. The stockings are tight and can be uncomfortable to wear during hot weather.

Can stockings be combined with other treatments?

Yes, compressions stockings are useful for prevention and can be an adjunct to any other therapy for spider veins.

Can lasers be used to treat spider veins?

Yes, most cosmetic physicians in Texas highly recommend laser as the first line therapy for spider veins. There are numerous types of lasers available and they are all perform in a similar way. Lasers can rapidly destroy the spider veins in a short time. Laser does not involve any injections nor does it take a long time to perform. Depending on the number of spider veins, a few sessions may be required. Laser therapy also offers a faster recovery.

What is sclerotherapy?

Most cosmetic clinics in Texas perform sclerotherapy as a treatment for spider veins. The procedure involves injection of an irritant chemical into the spider veins. The chemical destroys the vein over time. However, multiple injections are required and it is moderately painful. Unlike the laser, sclerotherapy takes a little longer. After the procedure, compression stocking have to be worn for 7 days.

Do all spider veins need treatment?

Absolutely not. Removal of spider veins is a personal choice because they are only of a cosmetic concern. If left alone, they cause no harm.

How many sessions are required to treat spider veins?

Whether it is sclerotherapy or laser, most cosmetic physicians in Texas recommend at least 2-3 sessions of therapy for the best results.

What is the disadvantage of laser for spider veins?

Laser therapy is slightly more expensive than sclerotherapy. But since Laser produces excellent results, it is fast becoming the procedure of choice.

Who treats spider veins in Texas?

Most cosmetic surgeons, vascular surgeons, dermatologist and plastic surgeons in Texas are fairly well acquainted with spider veins and their treatment. Because of the numerous spas and other non health care professionals performing laser therapy, you should try and seek a board certified physician who is experienced in dealing with veins.

Is there any preparation required before laser or sclerotherapy?

In general No. For those who are obese, one may want to lose some weight before the procedure. Anyone who is taking blood thinning medications should discuss this with their doctor before the procedure.

Can spider veins be treated during pregnancy?

It is best to wait until the pregnancy is over before one embarks on spider vein treatment.

Can any creams remove spider veins?

No, there are no such creams. Only camouflage products are available. These are expensive and are only a day to day solution.

How can I prevent spider veins?

Since there is no cure for spider veins, prevention is the key. Preventive measures should include:

- avoid prolonged standing

- wear compression stockings

- exercise daily

- keep your weight under control

When should I get my spider veins treated?

At your first visit to any one of the Texas cosmetic physicians, you will be examined and the pros and cons of each treatment will be discussed. Since the procedure is strictly elective, you will have a say of when and what type of treatment you prefer.

Does insurance cover spider vein treatments?

Unfortunately, spider veins are considered cosmetic in nature and the cost of treatment is not covered by any insurance companies. Most cosmetic physicians and clinics in Texas charge anywhere from $ 2-400 per leg. Most physicians in Texas will make all necessary financial arrangements to help you get your treatment.

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