Treating Spider Veins with Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Updated on: August 18, 2014

With several venous treatments available in vein clinics, patients in Wichita, Kansas or in other parts of the country may feel overwhelmed when seeking treatment for venous conditions. Varicose veins and spider veins affect many people and may be a source of embarrassment for some due to their unattractive appearance. Effectively treating these conditions has provided relief for many patients. Intense pulse light therapy (IPL) has allowed many to rid themselves of spider veins in a safe and efficient way.

The use of light and lasers in the medical field has given physicians new power in providing safe treatment to those requiring it. No longer are surgical procedures the only option. Many facets of the medical field have found uses for lasers and light and some physicians even consider certain laser or light procedures the staple for treating particular conditions.

This particular therapy utilizes intense, pulsed light to selectively damage problem veins such as spider veins. Only problem veins are targeted, allowing healthy veins to continue to circulate blood as usual. This procedure may be more successful in treating vascular lesions deeper in the skin, unlike certain laser treatments. Depending on the size of the area being treated, some patients may require about two to four treatments before optimal results are realized. Those treated with sclerotherapy or laser treatments may turn to intense pulse light therapy if these treatments are not effective in treating the superficial veins.

While spider veins do not negatively affect one's health, they have become very embarrassing for many patients suffering from them. This is due to their unsightly appearance. Spider veins often have a central point and jut out in different directions, in many cases resembling a spider. Spider veins do not cause any pain either, unlike varicose veins that may cause heaviness in the legs or discomfort for some patients. Those who are unsure whether they have spider veins or varicose veins should speak with a medical professional at a reputable vein clinic. This is often the first step in determining which treatment may provide the best results.

While there is no cure for spider veins, treatments such as intense pulse light therapy, certain laser therapies or sclerotherapy have been used to treat the condition. Compression stockings have also been used to help control the problem. Patients may also be encouraged to maintain a healthy weight in preventing or controlling spider veins.

Intense pulse light works by delivering a pulse of light to the problem vein being treated. The heat from the light damages the vessel walls, causing the vein to shrink and eventually disappear. The surrounding tissue is not affected or damaged as a result of this treatment. This may be used to treat the legs, arms, face, back, thigh, abdomen or ankles.

Patients should consult a medical professional to determine their candidacy for intense pulse light therapy. The best candidates are in good overall health, have fair skin, do not smoke, are free of diseases in the blood vessels and do not have problems with bleeding. Patients who have recently taken Acutane, have keloid scarring or unusual scar formations, are pregnant, have recently tanned or had acute sun burn, have acute onset of acne, have dark skin, are taking blood thinners or who have had skin resurfacing disorders may not be considered candidates.

Those who have further questions about intense pulse light therapy or who would like to discuss the treatment further should contact a medical professional in the Wichita area. Interested patients are encouraged to seek a reputable clinic in their area and an experienced physician to perform this treatment.

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