Treating Spider Veins with Veinwave

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Veinwave has helped patients in Modesto, California and throughout the nation overcome spider veins. While spider veins are not considered a medical concern and do not cause pain, they are very unsightly and may lead to embarrassment or self-consciousness to some degree. Patients who are suffering from spider veins are encouraged to consult their vein specialist to discuss their condition and whether Veinwave is right for them.

The procedure uses thermocoagulation to treat spider veins anywhere on the patient's body. Veins are heated and closed instantly with this treatment. There is no downtime and the procedure takes only 15 minutes to perform in most cases. Veinwave was developed as a treatment for tiny veins that may not be treated using sclerotherapy. Most patients seeking treatment for spider veins or telangiectasia, which are tangled, thread-like veins, are considered candidates for this treatment.

There are, however, certain restrictions and patients with certain conditions may be encouraged to seek other treatment options. Patients who are epileptic, who have bleeding disorders, wear a pacemaker or women who are pregnant are not considered candidates for this procedure. The procedure is designed to treat most areas on the body, even the sensitive ones. Some of the areas treatable using Veinwave include the face, arms, legs, ankles and knees. Individuals who are interested in this procedure should consult a vein specialist in the Modesto area to determine if they are a candidate for this treatment and whether Veinwave can treat their condition.

There is virtually no pain associated with this procedure, as the needles used are so fine. Some patients do, however, report a feeling similar to a tiny pin prick. There are no bandages associated with this procedure and no downtime required after treatment. Patients may return to work and other normal activities immediately following treatment with Veinwave. Patients may begin to notice results immediately after treatment when the veins close and disappear. Results should continue to improve over the next few days and the treatment is intended to be permanent, meaning once the spider veins are removed, they should no longer bother the patient.

When performing the procedure, the vein specialist will first clean the area to be treated. The specialist will then use a fine needle to administer the treatment subepidermally. The vessel is not pierced, however. The tiny vessels in the area will be closed, destroyed and will disappear. Most patients require just one treatment to reach optimal results, but some patients may require two or three sessions. There is a slight risk of scarring associated with this treatment, although the risk is smaller than when other vein treatments are used.

Patients who are interested in this treatment are encouraged to speak with their vein specialist to determine if it is right for them. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of spider veins treatment, as their removal is typically considered cosmetic. However, patients should discuss this matter with their insurance company and a vein specialist for further information.

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