Vitamin K Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Spider veins are small superficial star-shaped veins which can be seen on the skin surface. They are more common on the front and side of the thigh. They are generally multiple and appear blue. Even though they are multiple and appear unattractive, they do not cause any symptoms. However, most women are bothered by spider veins. Most women believe that ointments and creams can erase spider veins. There are 1000s of creams on the market and each day many more are added. All these creams have outstanding claims of curing spider veins and many other vein disorders. The latest in the fad of creams for spider veins is vitamin K related products.

Vitamin K is a fat soluble and can be taken by mouth or given by injection. Humans have a large store of vitamin K and do not need to take it on a daily basis. The Vitamin K is easily obtained from numerous vegetables and legumes. Vitamin K is only administered to individuals who have excess bleeding which may be due to disordered coagulation. Vitamin K is never recommended for daily intake as an outpatient.

There are many creams which claim that vitamin K mixed in creams leads to cure of spider veins. Many such products claim that application of vitamin k ointments can lead to resolution of bruises, skin rashes, scarring and even varicose veins. All such claims are misleading and false. There are no creams, medications or ointments which can be placed on the skin and lead to disappearance of veins.

There is absolutely no scientific data to back any of the claims made by the vendors of these creams. Spider veins are not caused by excess bleeding in the skin and the cause is not related to a lack of vitamin K.

Before you buy any such creams, talk to a reputable physician who deals with spider veins. There are other more effective ways to treat spider veins- applying creams containing vitamin K is not one of them.

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