When is the Situation Right for Vein Removal?

Updated on: August 18, 2014

No one likes it when they notice an irregularity with their appearance that just seems to have happened overnight. An example of that is irregular pigmentation after spending a day out in the sun. Some people, because of excessive weight gain or other pressures put on their circulatory system, end up with swollen veins on their legs. Other people end up with noticeable veins on their face because of sun exposure.

Regardless of how the veins got so apparent, the question the person who has them probably wants to know is in reference to whether vein removal is possible. It is one thing to get treatments that will make the vein collapse back into the face or the legs, but it is quite another to get rid of the vein altogether.

Vein removal can only be done in more serious cases if the vein happens to be located on the leg. Yes, people who have bypass surgery often have vein removal done in their leg in order to transplant the vein to their heart, but the person will experience discomfort in their leg forever afterwards. This is mainly because the circulation has to reroute itself.

Vein removal is actually best done on the face, because there are many small veins there and to get rd of one will make far less of an impact on the overall circulation. Instead of actually having the problematic vein completed removed, the patient can elect sclerotherapy (medicinal injections to collapse the vein) or laser treatments.

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