Foam Sclerotherapy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA)

Foam Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective method for treating troublesome varicose veins through injecting a detergent-like agent that is suspended in foam directly into the vein. This method is effective because the foam fills the entire cavity of the vein. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis by either a physician or a cosmetic technician who is trained to carryout the procedure. Though it is less expensive than other more invasive treatments, costs for foam sclerotherapy still range from $200 to $500 in most areas. 

One treatment often resolves the issue, however it may take up to six sessions as needed. These can be scheduled about every two months until the desired results are achieved. Foam sclerotherapy has few side effects but compression hose is recommended for a period of time, and it sometimes takes up to six weeks for the veins to disappear completely. The injection site may be slightly sore and some bruising may occur, but the veins will no longer cause pain. Once they are gone, they will not return.

Take a look at our directory and call a local foam sclerotherapy provider to get all of the facts about this new treatment for varicose veins. It takes only a few minutes, and can be a relieving solution to your venous problems.

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