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Can I re-wear medical compression socks that were used during surgery a couple of years ago for a long flight?
Compression Stockings - 3 days ago3 answers
I have some compression socks that I wore during surgery a few years ago. I am about to go on an 11 hour flight & want to know if it's OK to wear them on the flight, or do I need specific flight socks?
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Is 30-40 mmHg thigh high hose OK to wear on my long flights?
Compression Stockings - 3 days ago4 answers
I had my saphenous veins removed (endovenous laser ablation) in both legs 5 years ago. I've used the 20-30 mmHg before but want to use the 30-40 ones. ( I have a pair that I never used). Is it OK?
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Is dancing safe two days after phlebectomy?
Phlebectomy - 4 days ago1 answer
I danced a little to a couple of fast songs two days after having phlebectomy done.
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I have been diagnosed with bilateral deep system reflux/deep venous insufficiency, is surgery an option?
I have been diagnosed with Bilateral Deep Vein Insufficiency, I am not even 40. In addition, I have incompetent saphenous vein at the saphenofemoral junction because of reflux at saphenofemoral junction. My surgeon says there's nothing to do but wear compression stockings. What does this mean for me? Can I work, should I work? Is it life threatening? He had no answers and I am scared. I requested referral to Mayo Rochester to a phlebologist.
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I had EVLT on my great saphenous vein. After two weeks of minimal pain, I'm suddenly experiencing a lot of pain in my inner thigh. Why is this?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 6 days ago3 answers
I had EVLT along the entire great saphenous vein with minimal pain for the two weeks following. All of a sudden for the last few days I'm experiencing a lot of pain in my inner thigh. In the morning I wake up with little to no pain at all but by the end of the day it feels very painful to walk. I had EVLT on the other leg a week earlier and did not experience the same pain. Also most of my bruising is gone, except for redness in the painful area. What could this be?
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Can someone lose his leg from varicose vein surgery?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 1 week ago1 answer
Hello, I am from Greece. My son is 31 years old and has had varicose veins on one leg for nine years. It was at an advanced stage and he had surgery in a university hospital in the city of Thessaloniki. One year later there were new varices and the doctor said they still have to perform more surgery. Is this very risky because the wounds from the original surgery are still fresh.I am concerned about him losing his leg.
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Are compression stockings good for people who have big varicose veins in their legs?
Varicose Veins - 1 week ago2 answers
I have a friend who has big varicose veins in her legs and a history of blood clots. She was told by a doctor that compression stockings are not good. Is this right? She is also taking Coumadin.
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I have increased bulging and soreness from venous insufficiency in my left lower leg. Should I see a vein specialist?
Venous Insufficiency - 1 week ago6 answers
I am 68 yrs old an have had moderate venous insuffency for years. I am experiencing increased problems in my left lower legs with more bulging and soreness. Sometimes it feels like a cool sensation or like something wet around my ankle area. I sometimes wear compression knee-high hose. Should I see a vein specialist?
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How long does it take for all the redness to disappear after Veinwave spider vein treatment?
Spider Veins - 1 week ago1 answer
It has been 11 days since I was treated for spider veins with Veinwave. The areas of treatment are sill very red and raised in some spots. How long does it take until it is all cleared up and normal?
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What treatment do you recommend for swelling and stasis dermatitis 12 years after stripping of greater saphenous veins?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 1 week ago2 answers
I had greater saphenous vein stripping done 12 years ago. I wear 30-40 mmHg compression knee high stockings. Lately I have had numerous abdominal surgeries and have not had injections or worn the hose regularly. I have discoloration and skin changes. My ultrasounds have shown venous insufficiency but no clots. Although I have resumed wearing the hose, stasis dermatitis is not improved. What do you recommend? I am 64.
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Is it possible to have May Thurner syndrome without blood clots or DVT?
May Turner Syndrome - 1 week ago2 answers
My right leg has been swollen for 9 months now. I had rf ablation to close the greater saphenous veins, but my leg is still swollen. I've had all normal ultrasounds and a CT scan that was normal. My new vein Dr. thinks it's May Thurner syndrome. I was on the pill for 25 years. I know it's a rare condition and even more rare in the right leg, but could I have MTS with no blood clots or DVT?
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Why does my husband have a large, long, and wide purplish/blue bruise on his inner thigh ten days after an ablation for atrial flutter?
Radiofrequency Ablation - 1 week ago2 answers
Is this a normal thing to happen? He and our son moved a washing machine and he pushed it with his leg. This could have caused it, but should it be cause for alarm?
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What are some side effects from having a hook removal of a vein in my leg?
Phlebectomy - 1 week ago5 answers
I've had four laser removals. Now they want to do a hook removal. What are some side effects of this procedure?
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Should I wear compression stockings for a baker's cyst?
Leg Pain - 1 week ago4 answers
I have acute pain and swelling in my leg. In the emergency room they said I had a bakers cyst. I haven't seen an orthopedic surgeon yet because I can't get around. It's very painful. Should I wear compression stockings for this condition?
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Why do I still need to get saline injections in my leg veins if I had the endolaser procedure? They said it is not cosmetic by the way.
ELVeS (Endo Laser Vein System) - 1 week ago5 answers
I have been getting treatment for my varicose veins and had endovenous laser ablation done. About a month later, the office staff required me to have (I think saline) injected into my veins with an ultrasound guided tech helping. Why is this necessary? My small varicose veins are still visible by the way. Is this a normal practice?
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