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Why am I still in pain 3 months after EVLT?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 2 days ago5 answers
I had ELA on both legs 3 months ago. I developed phlebitis in my right leg, which subsided after about a month. However, the inside of my calf is still tender (not to mention numb), and the pain has recently worsened. I've noticed that my lower calf becomes sore when I walk for more than about 5 minutes. Could the phlebitis have come back?
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My veins are more noticeable since having them injected. Why?
Vein Treatments - 6 days ago6 answers
I had a vein injected in order to dissolve it. However, the procedure only partially removed it. Now, I notice a lot of my veins are more noticeable. Why is that?
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6 weeks after EVLT and I still have superficial clots in my groind area and behind my knee. How long before they go away?
EVLT - 6 days ago3 answers
Should I be concerned? Do I need meds or a procedure to get rid of the clots?
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My ankle is swollen 1 week post-microphlebectomy. Is this normal?
Ambulatory Phlebectomy - 1 week ago4 answers
I had a microphlebectomy of leg, ankle, and foot veins one week ago. All the locations feel good except the inner ankle, around which 3 cuts were made. It is moderately swollen and painful. I have a follow-up in a week but was wondering if this sounds normal. I am terrified of getting an infection. Thank you.
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Should I be refitted for bigger compression stockings?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 1 week ago7 answers
I really cant get them up or off. I thought something was wrong when it took 3 male nurses to pull them on. Is this normal/ after surgery? I had bilateral endovenous ablation. The compression socks they put on are so tight; they cut off the blood flow. It took 3 male nurses to pull them up. I can't put them up or on either. Is this normal? Should I be refitted for a larger stocking?
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I had a catheter-assisted procedure 5 yrs ago on a vein. It's painful/tender to touch. Could it be scar tissue from the procedure?
Laser Vein Treatment - 1 week ago6 answers
I have small scars up my whole leg and this pain is right where one of them is just inside my leg right above my knee. Should I be concerned? It's very tender to press on. They used a laser to cauterize different areas. Thanks for your help!
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Should I be wearing a surgical stocking after a broken ankle?
Compression Stockings - 1 week ago2 answers
My ankle is still swollen after 11 weeks. Should I be wearing a surgical stocking?
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I've had lot of vein procedures, but still live in constant pain. What more can be done? Why is nothing working?
ELVeS (Endo Laser Vein System) - 2 weeks ago4 answers
I was diagnosed with DVT in LLE in 2010 at 17 years old. I've had constant pain for the last 6 years. Multiple surgeons and radiologists keep doing the same exams and procedures over again--venograms, sclerotherapy, ablation, ligation, elves, phlebectomy, foam. I can't keep living in constant pain as a 23 year old who is ready to start life but can hardly walk. Are these the only treatments? I wear compression stocking, no longer on bloodthinners, apply heat, walk, and take NSAIDs.
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Why am I having pain and swelling above my knee?
Wound Care - 2 weeks ago3 answers
I've had pain and swelling above my knee for the past 20 days. This is not severe but bothers me. At times I feel deep pain in my thigh and it has a pins and needle effect. Tests have confirmed deficiency of Vitamin B12 (performed two tests to confirm body cannot absorb B12). I was advised to take 3 injections/week for next three weeks. But even after a week of B12 injections, pain and swelling is still there. The skin has some burning sensation even when I touch slightly.
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Every time I wear my compression stockings, it seems to cause low back and pelvic pain. What would be the reason for this?
Sclerotherapy - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I am 29 and had sclerotherapy a couple weeks ago on both legs. I have noticed whenever I wear my compression stockings, my lower back and pelvic area hurts SO badly. Is there a reason for this? I'm starting to get concerned. Thank you!
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Six months after varicose vein surgery and I'm experiencing bad pain. Is this normal? What should I do?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 2 weeks ago2 answers
Six months ago I had varicose vein surgery. I've been experiencing bad pain. I went back to see the consultant & had a scan, He said everything is working fine and that it must be the effects of the surgery. We'll that does not help me as I'm in pain & getting pins & needles in my leg, especially in a morning. I've tried all pain relief and nothing has been working. I'm using Volrol cream now as it seems to work a bit. What should I do? Is any of this normal? What could be going on?
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I have a big skin burn and my foot is swelling. I also occasionally have sharp pains in my lower leg/foot after sclerotherapy. What happened?
Sclerotherapy - 2 weeks ago2 answers
A web of blue veins on my lower right leg was treated with 5% solution. I now have a huge burn spot (blackish color now) and redness around the edges. Also, my foot continues to stay swollen. Occassionally I feel sharp pains in the area but not constant. I was told it will get better with time, that some of the solution got under the skin (not in the vein). This looks very bad. Just wondering why my foot is swelling also.
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I had a phlebectomy yesterday and now my ankle and calf are very swollen and slightly numb. No pain. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I've elevated my leg and adjusted the leg wrap, but still swollen.
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I have calf muscle pain and cramping in my calf 1 week after EVLT, ambulatory phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy. Is this normal?
EVLT - 3 weeks ago7 answers
I had EVLT, ambulatory phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy in both legs over the course of 4 days last week. I was supposed to wear 2 stockings during the day & 1 at night, but my feet kept swelling so my Dr. has instructed me to wear only 1 during the day for 3 weeks. When I took my stockings off last night I immediately felt pain in my left calf. It feels like muscle cramping, almost like a Charlie horse. I feel ok when the stocking is on but the pain returns when I take it off. Is this normal?
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Do compression stockings relieve pain in the calf muscles?
Venous Insufficiency - 3 weeks ago6 answers
I am a Type 2 diabetic and I lead a sedentary life. The only place I go is to the Dr., and that's once a month. Do you think I am at risk for DVT? I do have pain in my left calf frequently. Dr. has checked it. She says I'm ok, but I don't believe her. She doesn't know about my lifestyle. I went through some deep depression that I'm still struggling with and I didn't move from my chair for at least 6 months. Got any ideas?
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Can compression stockings cause permanent damage?
Compression Stockings - 3 weeks ago5 answers
I had a DVT on the middle of my left calf. The clot was non-occlusive and about 1cm in length. It dissolved in 1 month. I was given graduated compression stockings grade 2. I was pain-free until one day I put them on wrong for about 4 hours. It was dark and I put them with the side of the heel being on the inner ankle. Since then I feel pain close to the ankle (not at the clot) after a while, regardless if I stand up or sit for some time without wearing them. Is it permanent? It's been 10 days.
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I have been diagnosed with advanced deep vein reflux in my femoral and saphenous veins. Since it is untreatable, what can I expect to happen?
Venous Insufficiency - 4 weeks ago5 answers
I have had a few opinions given based on all testing performed. I have led an active lifestyle. Before retiring I spent 40 years as a plumber. The last 10 years of my career I commuted 24 miles roundtrip on the steep hills of Seattle by bicycle. I was a premie in 1952 and was what they categorized as an "oxygen kid," complete with compromised vision. Is this reflux issue yet another condition caused by the oversaturation of oxygen at birth?
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