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MyVNUS closure a total failure. I have more veins down the left leg, and tingling and numbness that is keeping me awake at night. What should I do?
I regret having this procedure done, as I look much worse than before. The nerve is damaged at the incision site of the laser treatment and this extends to the leg and foot, making sleep difficult. It is also pin prickly during the day, and borderline painful. I am experiencing heart palpitations as well. Could the vagus nerve be affected? Is this life threatening? What should I do?
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I had EVLT done on 1/16/15 and I just noticed a bruise on the operative leg. Is this normal?
EVLT - 6 days ago
It seems striated and is painful and getting larger. There's no predisposing trauma, and I'm unsure on what to do. Please help!
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I have peripheral neuropathy in my lower limbs. Are compression stockings recommended?
I have a very slow healing venous ankle ulcer and would like to know my options.
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I had vein ablation done over two years ago and I still feel an achy, burning sensation running down my leg from groin to knee. Is this permanent?
I thought after two years there would be no more discomfort and the veins would be gone. I have had this burning and achy feeling since the beginning. The treatment was to rid of veins running horizontally across the top of my knee on the lower thigh. They are still there. Even if I did go back to the doctor, what would he do? Another treatment? What are my options?
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Would I be a good candidate for compression socks? I'm a 22-year-old female with Raynaud's syndrome.
I have Raynaud's syndrome (it manifests in my hands) and get cold feet very easily (when I go skiing). I have to make frequent trips inside to warm up, and even in bed under blankets my feet can be cold and don't warm up. I'm moving to New Jersey and will have a job that requires me to stand on my feet and do some walking for long periods of time, including in cold temps. Should I try it?
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How long after ablation to the greater saphenous vein can I resume my competitive horseback riding regimen?
It has been one week since my treatment and I was told after I have an ultrasound to check the vein closure, I would be able to resume going to the gym. However, riding is much more specific to the inner thigh, and I have quite a bit of bruising. It doesn't seem to me that I would be able to resume riding in four days based on the bruising and the "heaviness" I feel, but I would like to return to my schedule as soon as possible.
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Is it normal for compression stockings to cause a burning sensation?
While wearing the stockings, a burning and stinging sensation occurs and it seems to hurt more the next day. Is this normal?
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Do I need larger support hose if they're making my toes hurt?
I've noticed that support hose make the ends of my toes hurt. Do I need a larger size and can I wear socks over them to make them look better?
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What long-term side effects should I expect when a nerve is wrapped around the vein being closed?
I had a severe burning sensation all during the venus closure procedure. The doctor said it was due to a nerve around the vein. Will there be any problems with this in the future?
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Is it normal that the saphenous vein I had laser treatment on is still extremely visible from groin to knee, one month after treatment?
I received laser treatment on both legs about a month ago. The vein is still very visible and blue all the way from groin to knee, where it's also still bulging as it was before treatment. It is 1-cm wide. How long should I wait for it to fade away? My doctor checked that it's closed, but it now looks much worse than before and I'm having a hard time believing it will ever disappear. Also, it doesn't feel hard like I was told it should. Is there still hope?
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Is it normal to feel pain three weeks after a Sclerotherapy injection?
Sclerotherapy - 2 weeks ago
I had a Sclerotherapy injection on my leg three weeks ago. Since I removed my compression stocking a week ago, I have had a constant pain on the inside of my thigh. It is also red and inflamed where the pain is coming from. Is this normal?
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What are the common side effects of a saphenous vein ablation procedure?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 2 weeks ago
I had the procedure done and now I'm having pain behind the knee. I'm having a hard time bending it and feel quite a bit of pain. Does this have anything to do with the procedure?
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I have a varicose vein in my left thigh, swelling in the left groin and varicose veins and a dull pain in my scrotum. What are my options?
My doctor says it isn't dangerous and that surgery is at discretion. I don't plan to have more kids, but I don't want my sexual health compromised either! I want to avoid general anesthesia and prolonged recoveries. If I need to get this fixed, what are my options?
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Are visible veins throughout thighs normal?
Vein Treatments - 2 weeks ago
I'm 26 and have translucent skin on my thighs - you can see deep blue veins running throughout (not varicose, just very visible). Is that normal? I am also starting to get spider veins.
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Are there any treatments for hemosiderin deposits in the inner corners of the eye after blepharoplasty?
Laser & Light Therapy - 2 weeks ago
I bruise easily and am now 3 yrs s/p procedure and continue to need cover up everyday. The lift (upper and lower) was a great success but the darkening is very disappointing. Are there any treatments for hemosiderin deposits in the inner corners of the eye after blepharoplasty?
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I have 2 varicose veins and keep feeling a pinching/constant ache, could this be the sign of a blood clot?
Varicose Veins - 3 weeks ago
I am pregnant with my fourth child and have 2 varicose veins on my right lower pelvic. I keep feeling a pinch and constant ache. Could this be the sign of a blood clot?
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Can you have sclerotherapy for veins on your buttocks?
Sclerotherapy - 3 weeks ago
I have gray areas on one side of my buttocks and lower back that look like varicose veins. I have lots of varicose veins in my legs that have grown in size over the last decade. I've had a chronically sore back in this area for the last 2 years also. I've had tests on my back and everything looks normal are far as bones go. My theory is that perhaps these varicose veins are causing a lack of blood flow to my bum and lower back. Is this possible and if so, can they be treated with sclerotherapy?
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