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Can I take a 12-hour flight if I have CVI? What should I do to prevent DVT?
General - 5 days ago4 answers
I was diagnosed with CVI last year. I have heavy, achy legs all the time. I am wearing 20-30 mmHg thigh-high compression stockings daily. My parents are overseas. I know I will not take flight unless absolutely necessary. If I need to take a 12-15 hour flight for an emergency situation, is it safe? A business class seat is a must and so is walking in the cabin every hour, but what else can I do to prevent DVT?
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Where can I buy a radiofrecuency closure fast catheter 6F. 100 cm??
ClosureFast - 5 days ago2 answers
I need to buy such catheter (radiofrecuency closure fast catheter 6F. 100 cm) in order to get a vein surgery in Venezuela. Due to the country 's economical situation it has been impossible to find. None of the local suppliers count with any surgical equipment to perform any surgery. My parents happen to be in Miami for the next 2 weeks and they have to return home with the "catheter". This is an emergency!!! Thank you for the help!!
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My penile dorsal vein is obstructed. What is the appropriate solution?
General - 5 days ago1 answer
I'm having erectile problems. After a Doppler ultrasound, the urologist said there is cessation of blood flow in my dorsal vein. Is there any solution?
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There is a warmth on my leg where one of the bulging veins was removed via microphlebectomy. I also had laser treatment the same day. Is this normal?
Ambulatory Phlebectomy - 6 days ago2 answers
I had microphlebectomy 4 weeks ago in two places on my right leg. Also, on same day I had laser treatment on the same leg. All has been good, except I have noticed a warmth on my leg where one of the bulging veins was removed. Is this normal? It is just in this one area.
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Should I test for May-Thurner syndrome before treating my CVI?
General - 1 week ago5 answers
My mom had May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) at the same time as DVT. She had no vein issue her entire life. I was diagnosed with CVI last year. I have achy, heavy legs. Should I test for MTS before treating my CVI? I have super sensitive skin and eczema all over. Can ultrasound give some indication? Is it necessary to do the magnetic resonance venography test? Can I do an ultrasound for pelvic area to see if there are some indications and then go from there? Or do I worry too much?
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EVLA treatment worked, but the vein next to the repaired vein is now bulging. Will repairing too many veins hurt my vascular health?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 1 week ago5 answers
I know that circulation is needed and I worry that repairing too many veins will hurt my vascular health. Should I be concerned? My family has a history of varicose veins.
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I've had stabbing pains since my EVLT over a year ago. What can I do?
EVLT - 1 week ago4 answers
I had EVLT on my greater saphenous vein over a year ago. Ever since, I have had stabbing pains along the removed vein, inside my leg. It usually occurs when I am standing or walking, but not always. Some days there is no pain, but most days there is, and it comes and goes in frequency and severity. My doctor did an ultrasound and said there was no scar tissue, that everything looked perfect and should be fine. The pain persists. Do you have any suggestions?
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Can an EVLT treated vein appear as a DVT in an ultrasound?
EVLT - 1 week ago2 answers
My husband had EVLT done about 10 years ago. Recently, he had as ultrasound of his leg veins and was diagnosed with a DVT. Could it be the result of the EVLT procedure he had?
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I got laser ablation done in my left leg 8 months back and I am feeling some sort of blockage just below my calf muscle. What can it be?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 1 week ago1 answer
I was diagnosed with varicose veins in my leg & had a laser ablation in which the doctor closed off my saphenous vein from groin to knee. He also made 3 cuts in my lower leg: below my calf muscle on either side and 1 just above the ankle. It was suggested I use grade 2 stockings for as long as I can during daytime. I wore it for about 3-4 months and still wear it off & on. I started going to gym to reduce some weight and am now experiencing a blockage just below my calf muscle. What can it be?
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I just had knee surgery and have been advised to wear compression stockings. Should I wear them during the day or at night?
Compression Stockings - 1 week ago3 answers
Also, they are beginning to cause bruising and pain. Should I continue to wear them? I am 10 days post op from a total knee replacement.
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Can pelvic vein ligation and leg vein stripping be done at the same time? What are the risks & recovery time? How soon can I drive?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 2 weeks ago2 answers
I have parametrial varicosities, no refluxing in ovarian veins (pelvic MRV), & unusual absence of mid-LSV in both legs (mid section disappears to thin holes; too small for catheter). Vein stripping is only option (from Duplex U/S). Thrombophlebitis Oct 2015 (R knee) caused worsening leg pain. I want to avoid pelvic vein embolism (coils) due to multiple allergies & complications with discectomy & fusion in 2008 (Titanium plate, 6 screws).
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I had ablation on the inside of my upper thigh 3 days ago. Now, it's very tender high up where my leg connects to my groin. Is this normal?
Radiofrequency Ablation - 2 weeks ago3 answers
I had a blood clot 27 years ago in my groin and it felt like this. Could I have developed another clot? I'm worried.
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Can I upgrade my compression stocking from 20-30 mmhg to 30-40 mmhg level?
Chronic Venous Insufficiency Care - 2 weeks ago1 answer
Since I started to have heavy, achy leg symptoms and being diagnosed with CVI a few months ago, I started to wear 20-30 mmHg compression stockings. It is the right tightness and helps some of my pain, but still does not get my pain under control completely. I am wondering if I can go up to 30-40 mmHg. I tried one pair of 30-40 mmHg for a day. As for the pain, it does get better, but the compression is too much to bear. I feel very uncomfortable. I don't know which level is right for me.
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Can early intervention of CVI help slow the progression of the disease? I never had a vein issue until last year. I am a 52-year old female.
Laser Vein Treatment - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I started having heavy, achy legs not too long after my ankle sprain last year. I have been diagnosed (via ultrasound) as having CVI for 6 months now. Currently, I manage the pain with stockings, elevation, and exercise. Still, my quality of life suffers greatly. I have heard some horrible stories about being worse off after treatment. Will vein treatment completely help and cure CVI, or it is saved as last resort? Also, how do I ensure I'm not worse off after treatment?
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I have extreme pain in my treated leg, behind the knee. What should I do?
Laser Vein Treatment - 2 weeks ago4 answers
I had laser surgery a month ago on both my legs. The procedure was done to resolve the leaking veins. My left leg is doing well, but I'm having trouble with my right. I have extreme pain behind the knee, especially when I bend it. Is this normal? What should I do?
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Who should I have treat my CVI, a vascular surgeon or vein specialist?
Chronic Venous Insufficiency Care - 2 weeks ago1 answer
The area where I live doesn't have many choices when it comes to vein doctors. They are two vein places: one doctor used to be general surgeon, while the other used to be cosmetic surgeon. They are now focusing on veins. Then, there are vascular surgeons at vascular centers. They deal with arteries a lot. Atlanta is 2 hours away. More choices there, but is it safe to commute after surgery? Any good ones to recommend there?
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