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Can I wear normal stockings and get the same benefits of compression stockings?
I have tight stockings. Can I wear them and get the same benefits as compression stockings? I just had my gallbladder removed. The compression stockings provided to me by the hospital have gripped soles and an opening on top of the foot, which makes it really difficult to put on shoes.
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Is it OK to run 3 months after EVLT? Is there a chance the vein will reopen?
EVLT - 1 week ago
I am a healthy and active 34 year old. I had EVLT on my lower left leg and the results have been great. I love running and am terrified this activity will reopen my vein. Is it OK to run 3 months after the procedure? Is there a chance the vein will reopen?
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Is it OK to perform EVLA on a GSV with an old thrombus?
EVLT - 1 week ago
I have an old thrombus (>10month) in my great saphenous vein. Is it OK to have endovenous laser treatment?
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Is it normal to still feel and see the great saphenous vein 8 months post RFA procedure? The area feels tender.
I can feel a large vein, it is quite hard, running all the way down from my upper thigh, down the inner thigh, past the knee to the lower calf - 8 months after my RFA procedure. Could this mean the great saphenous vein wasn't closed properly or is it just inflammation, even after 8 months?
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Is it OK to go horseback riding after laser treatments?
EVTA - 2 weeks ago
I ride a dressage horse, which requires more skill than typical western saddle riding. When can I expect to safely ride after endovenous laser treatment?
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Why are my legs hurting after losing weight with chronic venous insufficiency?
I recently began experiencing pain with my CVI. I am very obese but have lost 60lbs and am living a healthier lifestyle. I now exercise every day and do strength training. Since losing weight I noticed that my legs are very painful. The pain got worse after taking 2 weeks off for Christmas. During this time, I did not exercise like I should have. Any idea as to why my pain suddenly onset? I recently purchased compression stockings and have been wearing them for a week.
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What does the duration of deep venous reflux indicate? Would anyone be able to explain it for me in slightly more common terms?
Venous Reflux Exams - 3 weeks ago
I was recently diagnosed with venous insufficiency of the deep veins at 27. My doctor said that I have a two second delay in my left leg and nearly one second delay in my right leg. My diagnosis was brought about because of swelling/aching throughout the day, accompanied by feelings of heaviness and restlessness. I understand what venous insufficiency is, but I'm having a bit of trouble placing the word "delay". Also, are there any studious or statistics regarding patients in their twenties?
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How soon after vein surgery can I fly?
I need to schedule to fly for work. How many weeks post-surgery?
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Should I wait to finish all pregnancies before having varicose veins treated?
In my second pregnancy I suffered from varicose veins. I had an ultrasound six weeks after delivery. According to the results, my great saphenous veins are compromised. I was told that if I treat them now, the problem may return after my third pregnancy. Is this true? If so, is it best to have my veins treated after I've finished all of my pregnancies?
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How will superficial valve insufficiency affect me long-term? What is the best procedure to address this?
Vein Treatments - 1 month ago
My legs have been achy and heavy. I had an ultrasound at a vascular doctor's office by a tech. She told me that my right leg has severe superficial valve insufficiency. As for the left leg, the superficial valve has moderate insufficiency. I have 3 children; she said that could have contributed to this. Anyway, I'm 29 and really scared now. How will this affect me long term? And I feel to young for this! Is this common? What is the best procedure?
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Is it normal to have terrible cramps when wearing compression stockings while lying down?
Compression Stockings - 1 month ago
The doctor prescribed compression stockings because my feet & ankles are swollen, especially the left foot. My legs are only slightly swollen. I also have a rash on the left leg that the doctor is treating. Since I started wearing compression stockings, I've noticed that I get terrible cramps when laying down. The cramping occurs in both legs. Is this normal?
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Is it unusual for a doctor to advise performing EVLT 6 times?
EVLT - 1 month ago
I have 3 or 4 veins in each leg that are causing reflux. I've seen 2 doctors to get information about treatment, but am unsure who to go with. One doctor wants to perform EVLT one leg at a time, which amounts to 2 visits. The other doctor, however, wants to perform the EVLT procedure 6 times. That sounds a bit much to me. What's your recommendation? Which doctor is correct?
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Why are my feet and hands cold 24 hours after sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 1 month ago
My feet and hands are cold 24 hours after sclerotherapy. Is this normal? It happens whether I'm wearing compression socks or not. The socks are calf-length and are the correct measurement.
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Is it normal to have pain, bruising and tenderness nearly a month after a groin ablation?
Wound Care - 1 month ago
I had a groin ablation 3 and a half weeks ago. This is my second one through the same side. I had pain for over a week after, then it went away. In the last two days, though, I've had pain all around that area; it feels like overly tender, bruised muscle pain? Could this be from strain, or could it be a side effect of the procedure? What should I do? Should I follow up with my physician?
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