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My doc recommended EVLA but can't guarantee a successful outcome. What are my other options?
I went to two different board-certified doctors and had an ultrasound performed. EVLA has been recommended, but I haven't made a decision about it yet. I only have one area with unsightly green reticular veins; they are in the front, at the top of my inner thigh. They can't guarantee that ELVA will resolve the problem for sure. What other options do I have then?
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Will compression stockings help my gait? What about pain?
My right knee patela was dislocated two months ago. I still can't walk properly and I have pain in my knee now. My doctor recommended I wear knee-high compression stockings. Do you think they will help my gait and the pain?
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What can be done about my symptoms, other than compression stockings?
Vein Treatments - 2 days ago
My legs are discolored around the bottom and blood pools there. My legs also ache and are weak. I wear support stockings, but my symptoms don't seem to cease. Is there anything else that can be done to help with this problem?
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How far apart should my injections be and are they painful?
I know injections are given to insulate the vein from the heat during the closure procedure. This has me concerned about the injections I must endure during the procedure. How far apart are they and how painful are these injections?
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Can compression stockings help with nerve pain and numbness caused by a gunshot wound?
I have a small gunshot wound on my calf. The bullet is still inside the muscle, leading to a hematoma, severe nerve pain and numbness in the lateral and medial aspect of my foot in the plantar surface. Can compression stockings help with my symptoms?
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Does my short saphenous vein need treatment?
EVLT - 6 days ago
I had a duplex ultrasound done in Feb 2015 and showed abnormal reflux time of the SSV. When the tech was doing it she had to look really hard and mentioned it looked minimal. A month earlier I had one done by a vein doctor and he mentioned all my deep veins looked fine. I was standing for both. I'm wondering if I should get it treated? Was told treatment would be EVLT but it's expensive & I don't have any varicose veins, only spider & reticular which I've been treating with laser & sclero.
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Foam sclerotherapy vs. other forms of sclerotherapy and hemosiderin staining
Foam Sclerotherapy - 6 days ago
Whenever I get foam sclerotherapy it results in staining that takes 1-1.5 years to fade. I recently had sclerotherapy treatment done that wasn't foam on the right side of my leg (plan is to do the left next week) to treat blue reticular veins - believed they were "feeding" my spider veins. My spider veins are light due to past laser treatments on them. I was told foam sclerotherapy is more likely to cause staining. From your experience, is this true? Also, what can I do to prevent the staining?
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Should I have my veins treated?
Vein Treatments - 6 days ago
I had sclero done on my rt leg to treat some reticular & spider veins, mainly on my lower legs. I was told I should get the blue veins treated on my upper leg as they are "feeding" the darker blue veins on my lower legs. I don't have any bulging veins. Is this common practice? I'm worried they may have treated veins on my thighs that were perfectly fine, or at least they looked fine. My stains from sclero last long, so worried about how it will look.
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I am having stab phlebectomy to treat my venous insufficiency. Are antibiotics required prior to the procedure?
My last procedure for venous insuficiency is stab phabectomy in one leg. Are antibiotics required prior to the procedure?
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Do I really need as much treatment as my doctor is recommending?
I had a VNUS closure of a GSV, then I had another RAF closure of the same vein (20 cm only). Now, my doc wants to do radiofrequency closure of the small saphenous vein. Is this really necessary? Thank you!
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What are the treatment options for iliac vein blockages of 30 and 50 percent?
After having a venogram, the doctor said that I have blockages. One was 30% and the other 50%. But he said he would not stent them until they were 70%. What other treatment options are available? And is it just a wait-and-watch approach? Besides the compression stockings, is there anything else that can be done to help relieve the leg swelling?
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Should I have Venefit done?
EVTA - 1 week ago
I had ultrasounds and my left leg supposedly has blood flowing south in the superficial vein. I have no pain, leg cramps, nothing. The spider veins are unsightly and I grow concerned to remove that one cluster where I cut my leg at the spider vein area last year and it would not stop bleeding until pressure wrapped. Can I just have the spider veins removed now and wait for the Venefit procedure until next year? I am concerned about developing blood clots from Venefit.
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Would you do radiofrequency closure in the lower leg and at the same time phlebectomy in the upper thigh? Is this standard?
My VNUS of the GSV was done 7 years ago by a vascular surgeon. I have developed another visible vein in the upper thigh so my UCLA doctor performed a radiofrequency closure & phlebectomy. When they told me to walk for 20 min after the procedure, the blood from my thigh was gushing out of my leg like crazy. They took me back to surgery room. After that I walked 20 min & they sent me home. When home, the blood started gushing out of my thigh again & my family had to drive me back to UCLA. Why?
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I have sharp pain 1 week after ambulatory phlebectomy. What's going on?
A week after my ambulatory phlebectomy procedure, I had my check-up and everything looked and felt great. That evening, I was walking leisurely on the treadmill and got this incredibly sharp, sever pain. It felt like a pop or a tear - I'm not entirely sure how to describe it other than painful, but mercifully brief (a few seconds). It has happened three times since for no apparent reason. Those times it felt like something was yanking on my veins from the inside. What could this be?
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My compression stocking won't stay up, what can I do about it?
Compression Stockings - 2 weeks ago
I have a DVT and wear thigh-high stockings. I'm active in sports, walking, and climbing stairs, but my compression stockings are constantly sagging, pinching and cutting off circulation, especially around my knees. I've tried garter belts, bands, and safety pinning them to my undergarments. I've been measured by three different specialists and have been told 30-40 is best. They are certainly tight enough, but they just won't stay up! Any solutions to my problem would be most appreciated.
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Which compression stockings should be worn during weight lifting if you have varicose veins in the lower and upper legs?
Varicose Veins - 2 weeks ago
I have varicose veins in my upper and lower legs. For this, I've been prescribed medical compression stockings that go up to the butt. They seem to be the best option, but they are not made for exercising. Now, what would be better and why: - Don't wear any compression wear while exercising - Wear sports compression socks (below knee level) - Wear sports compression tights (above ankle level)
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Can compression stockings help relieve headaches and back pain?
Vein Treatments - 2 weeks ago
I suffer from migraine headaches. Since compression stockings increase blood flow, is it possible they could help improve headaches? I also have three herniated discs in my back. Would they be able to relieve back pain too?
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How do I know it's the right time to have vein ablation treatment?
I had a vein ultrasound and although there were no signs of thrombosis, I seem to have 1 long vein in each leg that isn't working properly. Instead of the blood flowing in one direction, it is flowing in both. The MD recommended vein ablation and I did schedule it, but am now having second thoughts and concerns over secondary veins bulging after this treatment. Is it best to hold off on the ablation until it's absolutely necessary? The veins are deep under the skin and don't bother me too much.
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