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I'm 60 years old, is vein surgery something I can do?
Varicose Veins - 5 days ago
Am I too old for varicose vein surgery?
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I have had swelling in my feet and lower leg for about 2 or 3 months. I have tried compression socks with limited results. What should I do?
My foot doctor said I may need a test to see if I am a candidate for vein surgery. I'm a little nervous about this procedure. Can you let me what my options are?
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Is it normal to still have swelling in my foot after ablation and microphlebectomy on Friday?
I had an ablation and microphlebectomy done on my right leg Friday. I put compression hose on Sunday. I still have swelling in my foot. The swelling is where the ace wrap stopped about an inch from my toes. I've been walking as much as possible and elevating it when I sit. Is that normal?
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Can full body massage affect sclerotherapy performed two years ago?
Sclerotherapy - 1 week ago
I had sclerotherapy two years ago and recently I had a full-body massage. After the massage, I experienced discomforting pain on both legs. My legs are easily tired and feels heavy now. What should I do?
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Are May-Thurner syndrome and pelvic congestive syndrome linked?
I have both syndromes and noticed more people are getting diagnosed with both. I also read that a lack of serotonin in the brain may cause vascular issues, and I also have OCD. Is this the case?
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My sister has a varicose vein around her uterus. Can she have children? What are the risks?
She went in yesterday for a procedure on what they thought was endometriosis. They discovered it was a varicose vein around her uterus.
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I have venous insufficiency and wear knee-high compression stockings and I do remove them before bed. How long before sleep should I remove them?
Compression Stockings - 2 weeks ago
Several times a week I am awakened by aching legs. How long before sleep should I remove the stockings? Or do you have any suggestions?
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How long is the recovery for an endovenous vein ablation procedure?
I have an appointment with a vein specialist in a few weeks to discuss whether the compressions stockings helped or not (wore them for 3 months). I have reflux in both legs, taking almost 6 seconds for the valves to close, between 5-6mm in size, and restless legs, heaviness, etc. I am considering the endovenous vein ablation, but I need to know how long I could possibly be out of work. What can I expect?
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My mom recently had a varicose vain operation and she is in pain. Is that normal?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 2 weeks ago
She had the operation Thursday and she is still in real pain. Is that normal? What can she do to alleviate the pain?
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I still have several bruises, five weeks after a microphlebectomy. Is that normal?
Microphlebectomy - 2 weeks ago
It's been five weeks since my microphlebectomy on my leg and there are still many red bruise-type areas, that are very sensitive. Is this normal? And when will they disappear?
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On Wednesday, I had EVLT and phlebectomy on both legs. I am in a lot of pain in the top inner thighs when l stand. Is that normal?
EVLT - 2 weeks ago
Is there anything I can do? I've taken Ibuprofen 400 mg, but would like other options.
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I'm considering vein treatment, but how do I know the protruding veins on my shins (like on my feet and hands) are varicose?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 2 weeks ago
I've had a consultation with a board-certified doctor, but still have concerns. Clotting and stroke run on my mom's side of the family. She died of a pulmonary embolism at 42 but I don't know where the clot was. Are laser or injection treatments less prone to clotting than removal/stripping?
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The head of my penis hasn't been bulbing when enlarged. Is this normal?
Laser & Light Therapy - 3 weeks ago
I'm 25 years old and my penis head is not bulbing when enlarged. I think blood supply has stopped. Is there anything I can do?
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I was recently diagnosed with lymphedema and was told to wear compression sleeves for the swelling of ankles, feet and upper calves. What do you recom
lymphedema - 3 weeks ago
I'm 40 and the swelling came out of the blue from upper calves to toes on both legs. What can I do to keep swelling down?
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Why did I form dead tissue around my microablation site that needed to be removed?
Microphlebectomy - 3 weeks ago
After a closure procedure and microablation, what would cause the tissue in the treatment area to die, requiring me to have to have it opened up and have the dead tissue removed?
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