Can you naturally get varicose veins to go away?

Can you naturally get varicose veins to go away?

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What is the best form of exercise to reduce Venous Insufficiency and are there exercisizes that can cause further venous insufficiency? (0 answers)
What is the best form of exercise to help reduce venous insufficiency? Are there exercises to avoid that can promote progression of venous insufficiency?

I have spider veins that hurt. (0 answers)
I have spider veins on my legs and they really hurt to the touch. Can that be dangerous to my health?

Does VeinityRX work on spider and varicose veins? (0 answers)
Does VeinityRX work on spider and varicose veins?

I'm 16 and I'm developing varicose veins. Is this normal? (0 answers)
I'm 16 and I'm developing varicose veins. Is this normal?

Cosmetic home treatments? (0 answers)
Is there any product on the market or recommendation regarding temporary cosmetic coverage (e.g., cosmetic makeup, lotions, etc.)or some type of home treatment that will temporarily cover up spider veins?

Are burning, numbness, and redness symptoms of lipodermatosclerosis? (0 answers)
I have burning and numbness in my right hand. The left is just starting. When I put my hand below my heart, it immediately turns red. I had a biopsy on my leg, and the diagnosis was lipodermatosclerosis. The pain is unbearable. Are they related?

What are necessary steps to get rid of varicose veins? (0 answers)
I have varicose veins in my calves and would like to get rid of them but I don't know where to start. So what can I do about them? How do I know if I need surgery, are they dangerous?

Can varicose veins go away on their own? (0 answers)
I still think that home treatments are still too expensive. Can varicose veins go away in any other cheaper method?

Have spider veins in my leg, but not painful, should I be concerned? (0 answers)

Reticular veins (0 answers)
I have reticular veins popping up all over my legs as I get I at increased risk of DVT when flying? Do reticular veins "need" to be fixed? Can some get big enought to bulge when pressure is put on leg or is this a "vericose vein"?

Is pain with superficial venous thrombosis normal? (0 answers)
I just had an ultrasound done and the results were superficial thrombosis. They gave me loveknox, which really helped. All the red is gone, but now my leg is hurting badly in my groan area. Can this be from the ultrasound from them pushing on my veins?

What is a low cost approach to spider veins? (0 answers)
I'd like a low cost approach to dissolving spider veins. I've seen too physicians and their cost are quite different. I'd like to have the procedure this fall and one leg at a time.

What is the best treatment for varicose veins and venous ulcer? (0 answers)
I am 20 and have varicose veins and also venous ulcer in its last or highest stage. Is it treatable? I have had three varicose vein surgeries, but there seems to be no improvement/effect. I am in great pain. What should be my next step or treatment?

Why would a superficial clot dissolve, but not a deep vein clot? (0 answers)
I have a deep vein clot and a superficial clot. The superficial clot is almost completely gone. I had another ultrasound at 6 months, and the doctor said nothing is dissolving with the deep vein. Why wouldn't the deep vein not dissolve?

Can varicose veins twitch or pulsate? (0 answers)
I sometimes get vibrating or twitching sensations in my leg near where I have some varicose veins. Could this pulsating feeling be caused by the veins? Is it possible for veins to actually twitch?

Can excessive touching make varicose veins worse? (0 answers)
I have an anxiety disorder and as a result, I've been excessively touching the varicose veins in my legs. Medically speaking, can doing this make my varicose veins worse?

What do my venous results mean? (0 answers)
I had a peripheral venous evaluation and the results were as follows:
1. No evidence of acute deep thrombosis on bilateral lower extremities
2. Deep vein valve reflux of the right common femoral vein
3. Superficial vein valve reflux
What does all of this mean?

Why should heat not be used to treat symptoms associated with varicose veins? (0 answers)

Can Horse chestnut be combined with Plavix to treat varicose veins? (0 answers)

After falling on my knees the varicose vein I have has become swollen and bruised, should I get checked out? (0 answers)
I fell in the garden today. I landed on my knees onto the slabs of pavement. The pain was terrible and not only are my knees swollen, but the varicose vein I have on my knee is swollen, bruised and very painful. Should I get checked out?

While I wait for my compression stockings, is it helpful to elevate my leg? (0 answers)
I have a mild/moderate varicose vein in my left thigh. The doctor has recommended 20-30 mmhg compression hose. I work on my feet (4-6 hr shifts). Until I can get properly fitted stockings is it helpful to elevate that leg by standing w/left foot on a footstool?

What treatment can I have to rid the varicose veins in my hands? (0 answers)

What are the best at-home treatment options for varicose veins? (0 answers)

What causes a vein to swell, then return to normal after an hour or so? Also, a red bruise was left behind after the incident and it won't go away. (0 answers)
I had a vein by the side of my left knee suddenly become swollen and itchy. It subsided after an hour or so, but only part of the bruise left behind is healing. The other half is still a deep red/purple, and now my calf is achy and heavy. Do you know why this may have happened? Will the bruising, aches and heaviness go away?

I injured the varicose vein over my knee, what should I do? (0 answers)
I knelt down the other day and injured the large varicose vein over my knee. It bruised quickly and felt very sore, so I put a pressure bandage on it. Since then, the bruise has spread and is now about 12" up my thigh. It is very red, and I'm not sure what to do. Do you have any advice?

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