I had VNUS on my right leg yesterday and everything was fine until last night I started having sharp stabbing pain around the foot and ankle.

The pain started on the top of my foot but has now moved to my Achilles tendon area. The pain stops when I stand up for a while but when I lay down with my leg on a pillow like I was told to do the pain returns. What could be causing the pain?

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Replied on 7/3/2012

By: Advanced Vein Center  |  Bruce R. Hoyle, M.D.
Orange, CA

It's probably the compression hose. Take them off and see how your foot feels.

Replied on 7/3/2012

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

It may be the stocking. Honestly, this is a question for your surgeon.

Replied on 6/17/2012

By: Vascular Center and Vein Clinic of Southern Indiana  |  Ricardo Vasquez, MD
Bloomington, IN

It is best that you discuss this with your treating physician.

Replied on 4/25/2012

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

Discomfort following vein closure does occur. Usually,however, it occurs about 3 to 5 days after the procedure when the tumescent wears off. Pain occurring so soon after the procedure can be due to several possibilities- nerve irritation from the closure treatment(mid calf to mid ankle for GSV and heel and lateral foot for LSV), compression too tight, too much swelling or pain from the procedure itself. If advil or tylenol doesn't resolve your symptoms then you should return to your treating physician.

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Would a nurse practitioner be authorized to perform the VNUS procedure? (13 answers)
I need to have the VNUS procedure done, and the doctor I was referred to said they have a nurse practitioner who does this VNUS procedure. Is that safe? Is that legal? I thought only physicians (MDs) were authorized to perform the VNUS procedure.

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Is VNUS performed under general or local anesthesia? (11 answers)
I need to undergo VNUS procedure on both saphenous veins and my doctor says that it can only be done under general anesthesia. I have read on this site and other that it is usually performed under local anesthesia. Which form of anesthesia is best, local or general?

When will the swollen, tender and cord-like veins in my leg disappear? (10 answers)
I had the VNUS closure procedure done almost five weeks ago and still have swollen, tender and cord-like veins on the inside of my leg. When will they disappear? Also, can sleeping on my side with the veins pressing against the mattress delay the healing?

Do I have to be put to sleep during the VNUS closure procedure? (10 answers)
I have a VNUS closure next week and the paper work says they will put me to sleep. Is that really necessary? Could I request to stay awake during the procedure? Also, when will I be able to use the elliptical machine again?

Can excessive touching cause a vein to not heal properly? (10 answers)
I had the VNUS closure procedure on my leg two weeks ago. I now have firm, cord-like veins on the inside of my leg. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and can't stop touching them. Is this a problem? Can excessive touching, not pressing or massaging, cause problems?

What are the risks and benefits of the VNUS closure procedure? (9 answers)
I am 34 years old and have severe spider veins. My legs ache sometimes, but there is no sign of swelling. My left GS has .66 sec reflux. The right was WNL. I am a runner and of normal weight. A vascular surgeon has suggested the VNUS closure procedure. I am nervous. What are the risks vs benefits?

Is it OK to start wearing a compression sock again many weeks after the VNUS procedure? (9 answers)
I wore the compression sock on the treated leg for the first two weeks. I stopped wearing it for the next three weeks but the healing process seems to be taking longer than I'd like. Is there any issue with me wearing the compression sock again? Will it promote healing?

Can significant weight loss eliminate the need of a VNUS procedure? (9 answers)
It has been suggested by a vascular surgeon that I have CVI or venous reflux. She performed sclerotherapy yesterday on my ankle after a spider vein burst. She suggested that I may be a candidate for VNUS, but my weight is a concern (I am 375 at 5'8").

I now have 10 times the amount of blue veins down my outer legs after VNUS. Is this common and what is happening? (8 answers)
I had vnus closure on both legs in July/August 2011. I recently increased my exercise to get my legs in shape. I now have dark blue veins appearing, getting worse by the minute down my entire outer thighs, back of legs, and back of knees and calves. Why is this?

Is VNUS the same as EVLT? (8 answers)
They sound kind of the same. Can they both treat varicose veins?

How soon can I resume squatting to pick things up after the VNUS procedure? (8 answers)
I've heard that squatting puts added pressure on your leg veins, which is not good for people prone to varicose veins. I've also heard that squatting is a good exercise for people with vein issues. Which is true? Is it safe to squat 7 weeks after the VNUS closure procedure?

Are there long-term side effects or considerations in removing the saphenous vein? (8 answers)
I am 34 years old and want to proceed with VNUS and phlebectomy as a treatment for saphenous vein reflux. I have unsightly red, blue, and brown spots and enlarged veins on my feet. Are there any long-term effects of saphenous vein removal to consider?

Do I need VNUS if I have only mild GSV reflux? (8 answers)
I'm a 25-year-old female who developed spider veins on thighs and blue reticular veins behind knee both legs 3 years ago. I had ultrasound and found out I have 0.3 to 0.5 sec reflux in GSV right leg. My doctor told me I have to do VNUS, but I don't have symptoms, so is the VNUS a good idea?

How long does it take for reduction of visible calf veins after VNUS? (7 answers)
I had VNUS radio-frequency ablation (from knee to my groin) 2 weeks ago with a review scheduled in 4 weeks. The unsightly vein in my calf is now reduced, but is still about 30 percent the size it was previously. Will it reduce completely and finally disappear? How long would this take?

Should I be concerned about bruising on hip and buttocks? (7 answers)
I had one vein in my left thigh treated three days ago, and I'm due for a second in two days. I just noticed a few small, very dark bruises on my left hip and buttock. Any relationship to closure? Should I be concerned about clots? I have no pain or other symptoms.

Should I have a second VNUS closure if I am still experiencing major pain in the leg that was first treated? (7 answers)
I had the large saphenous vein in my left leg closed with VNUS 3 weeks ago. I'm supposed to do the small saphenous vein soon and have a few veins injected. There's still major pain in my calf and upper thigh. Should I have the 2nd procedure done despite this?

Can treated veins reappear after going away? (7 answers)
I had a treated vein reappear six weeks after the VNUS closure procedure. It was not visible the night before. I admit that I have been doing a lot of exercising and flexing of my legs. Could this be the reason why the vein is present again? Is it possible for a treated vein to reappear after going away?

Should I repeat VNUS closure if a new branch of the great saphenous vein opened? (7 answers)
I had the VNUS procedure, which closed the main veins on both legs successfully. But subsequent evaluation revealed that new branches have opened and they are delivering blood to the same varicose veins below the knee. Should I repeat this procedure? Or, is there a better treatment (sclerotherapy, laser ablation, etc)?

Why is my husband still having excruciating pain 1 month after two VNUS closure procedures? (7 answers)
My husband had two VNUS closure procedures (one week apart) on the great saphenous vein in each thigh. He has been in agony ever since and as a result, he has required substantial doses of narcotics. Ultrasound shows that the veins are closed and that there are no clots. When he stands up, he has pain and knee buckling. Surgeon seems at a loss. What is going on?

Can i get results with Vnus closure if my greater saphenous vein is only 6 inches before it splits off to other branches? (7 answers)
After the doctor performed the ultrasound to find my greater saphenous vein, he said I wouldn't notice much difference because he could only close about a 6 inch section. What are my options now? I have mild ankle swelling & one varicose vein.

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If a patient has PAD, is that different from venous reflux?

Spider vein (7 answers)
Hi, I have big problem with spider veins on my whole body, especially my breasts and beside my legs. My question is the treatment used for legs can be applied to breats and other parts of the body safely?

Next Step When VNUS Has Failed? (6 answers)
I had VNUS on the greater saphenous veins in both legs 3 months ago. Ultrasound shows that both veins closed. However, I've had no pain reduction. One leg looks identical to how it looked before the procedure & the other looks worse! What can I do?

Will not having the procudeure repeated result in potential problems? (6 answers)
After three years an ultrasound revealed that the vein is leaking and will need to be redone. What exactly does leaking mean and what problems could arise if I elect not to have the procudure repeated?

Is VNUS with removal of the saphenous vein and phlebectomy safe in someone with Raynauds? (6 answers)
I have Raynaud's phenomenon, which has been deemed unlikely to be associated with other conditions. I am going to have my saphenous vein removed followed by phlebectomy to treat venous insufficiency. Is this safe in relation to Raynaud's?

Is normal the leg been swollow??? (6 answers)
I did the vein cloure 3 days ago, I don't feel pain, but my leg is very swollen, this is normal? Also, I'm scheduled to do the other leg in a month, can I skip this???

What would cause large ulcers on one leg after the VNUS treatment? (6 answers)
What would cause large ulcers on one leg after the VNUS treatment? One leg developed seven ulcers the size of quarters but the second leg had no ulcers, except for small blisters.

Is it safe to have VNUS surgery if I have PAD and claudication of both legs? (6 answers)
Is this safe?

How long do I need to be off work after a venous ablation? (6 answers)
Does the procedure have down time?

Why isn't varicose vein stripping a preferred treatment method? (6 answers)
My wife had veins stripped in one leg about 10 years ago. They were located above and below the knees. Some varicose veins have since returned and now she needs them removed from both legs. Most doctors we've seen want to do the VNUS closure. What is wrong with vein stripping?

Why hasn't my varicose vein disappeared after 3 weeks? (6 answers)
I had the Venefit treatment done 3 1/2 weeks ago. My swollen varicose vein has not gone down at all. If the swelling has not gone down does it mean the swelling won't go away? Will wearing my compression stockings help the swelling go down?

Is it normal to have swelling 5 weeks after the VNUS closure procedure? (6 answers)
I had the VNUS closure procedure done on both legs about 5 weeks ago and followed up with sclerotherapy approximately 3 weeks ago. Now I am having severe swelling in my left ankle, like it was before the procedure ever happened. My ankles were fine up til now. Is this normal?

What would cause discoloration after a VNUS closure? (6 answers)
I had the VNUS procedure performed almost a week ago on one leg. Already I have a reddish-brown discoloration spreading on the front/inside of my calf. It's different from the bruising that is near my incision. What is this?

Is it normal for compression stockings to cause pain after the VNUS closure procedure? (6 answers)
My doctor told me to wear knee-high compression socks post-VNUS closure of my greater saphenous vein. My leg hurts much more when I wear them, especially in the thigh area. The socks are fitting properly and are being worn correctly. Is this normal?

Can vomiting reopen a closed vein? (6 answers)
A day after having radiofrequency ablation of the greater saphenous vein in my left leg, I became ill and vomited. I heard that vomiting can reopen the closed vein. It wasn't excessive, but is this something that I should be concerned about?

Can drinking alcohol affect the VNUS closure procedure? (6 answers)
If I drink alcohol on a nightly basis post-procedure, will it affect the outcome and success of the VNUS closure procedure?

Can abdominal exercises reopen a closed vein after ten days? (6 answers)
I had the VNUS closure procedure on the greater saphenous vein of my left leg. After a week, an ultrasound confirmed the vein was closed. My doctor said that I could resume all activities and exercises. Is this true? Are sit ups and leg lifts okay?

I experienced a burning sensation during the VNUS procedure, is this normal? If so, how can that sensation be reduced next time around? (6 answers)
I experienced a great deal of burning (fire-like sensation) along my vein during the VNUS procedure. Is this common and can it be reduced for procedure on the other leg?

How long after VNUS closure should I see results on leg surface? (5 answers)

Is edema and pain in the calf normal after VNUS closure? (5 answers)
I just had VNUS closure 3 days ago. Right after the procedure was done, I could see large amounts of swelling in my upper leg. It is now in my lower leg, which is swollen and painful. What's causing this to happen? Is edema and calf pain normal?

Should I have the Venefit procedure if I don't have varicose veins? (5 answers)
I am 30 years old and a vascular surgeon recently diagnosed me with CVI. I don't have any visible varicose veins yet, but I have had lots of pain and swelling in my lower legs for several years. Should I have VNUS or wait until I get varicose veins?

Can anxiety affect the success of the VNUS closure procedure? (5 answers)
I had the VNUS closure procedure done on the greater saphenous vein of my left leg and I suffer from occasional anxiety attacks and hot flashes. Can hot flashes and an increased heart rate affect the ability of the treated vein to remain closed?

Is there a certain weight of a patient a doctor would not on do needle VNUS closure on? (5 answers)

What is the reason for the redness in my foot from ankle to inner arch? (5 answers)
I had RFA done three months agobilateral with entry point of catheter at ankle for dilated GSV and SSV in both legs. I still have swelling in calf areas after sitting for 15-20 minutes and redness from ankle right through the inner arch of both feet. Is that normal?

Is it normal to have a cross between a bruising feeling and a numb feeling in your inner thigh 3 months post VNUS closure? (5 answers)
I had VNUS closure on 09/07/12 for my right leg and I am still experiencing an (aching) bruising and numb feeling in my inner thigh. I noticed an actual bruise yesterday. Is this normal? My follow-up is not until April and wondering if I should be seen sooner?

Can VNUS be performed if someone has very tiny veins? (5 answers)
My doctor tried but it was so painful trying to get the needle in the vein that he actually stopped trying. I am now turning to sclerotherapy for my veins.

Will support stockings eliminate venous ulcers? (5 answers)
I had a VNUS procedure done and got an ulceration on the ankle. Is this normal? Will support stockings help, or do I need to do something else?

How serious is venous reflux? Will the diseased veins be better after VNUS closure? (5 answers)
My husband is 34 years old and has horrible varicose veins. The doctor told him that he has reflux in a number of the superficial and deep veins. It was recommended that he get a VNUS closure. How serious is venous reflux? Will the deep veins get better after the procedure?

I am having stabbing, burning pain in my leg 2 wks after a VNUS closure procedure on a communicator vein. Is this normal? (5 answers)
Two weeks ago I had a VNUS closure procedure on a communicator vein. I still experience excruciating, stabbing pain every morning and evening. I am wearing a compression stocking. During the day the pain is manageable. Is this normal following the procedure?

How does VNUS treat superficial venous reflux? (5 answers)
What does the procedure involve?

Why did my VNUS cause multiple ulcers on my lower leg & ankle bone? (5 answers)
Within 5 minutes of VNUS surgery I had 7 large ulcers from the knee down. Any explanation why this would occur in only 1 leg? Could nerve damage in the leg from Shingles be a factor?

VNUS closure didn't work? (5 answers)
I had VNUS done a year ago. It doesn't seem like there is any difference in the appearance of my veins. They still bulge when I stand. My doctor says this is caused by new veins which developed after the surgery. Do I need to have it done again?

PAD vs. ARTERIAL (4 answers)
What is the difference between PAD & Arterial disease? If you have arterial disease & PAD should you wear compression stockings?

What does VNUS stand for? (4 answers)
How is it different from EVLT and ELVeS?

How long does it take to for the pain/heaviness to go away after vnus closure? (4 answers)
I had the procedure done a little over three weeks ago and am still having pain/heaviness. It was started at the ankle and up to my groin. Does that mean the vein has not fully closed?

How does VNUS compare to EVLT? (4 answers)
Which is the best procedure?

My surgeon said the numbness was normal. Will it go away? (4 answers)
I had the closure procedure done October 2010. I am suffering with the left leg. I have tingling/numbness by the inner ankle, and sharp pains when I run. My Surgeon said this was normal. Can I expect this pain to go away? I am only 24.

Is early VNUS treatment better? (4 answers)
Recently my greater saphenous veins have become noticeably enlarged at my ankles. Exercise now causes previously invisible calf veins to show. Does early treatment result in significantly better outcome? Can veins become enlarged but not varicose?

I continue to have pain after VNUS surgery. (4 answers)
I had VNUS surgery 3 years ago on my left leg. I have a dull ache in my leg that I never had before surgery. I especially notice it at night in bed. It often bothers me enough to wake me up. I never had the ache before surgery. What causes this?

Pain at night while sleeping after 10 days of having VNUS (4 answers)
I had vnus procedure 10 days ago; veins are gone and bruising is quickly going away. I've severe pain & burning sensation while sleeping; similar to the start of a Charlie horse and build up of lactic acid x10! Only in 1 leg; the worse of the 2.

Swelling above knee after VNUS and schlerotherapy. (4 answers)
I had the VNUS procedure done 3 years ago. I've had schlerotherapy each subsequent year. This year I noticed a swelling above the knee following treatment. This was 9 months ago and still hasn't gone away. What could this be?

After the VNUS closure, is it normal to have a numb/tingling sensenation following exercise? (4 answers)
I waited three weeks before exercising, although I did walk following the VNUS procedure. The day after I exercised, I started experiencing mild pain, numbness and tingling in my lower leg and foot. It is worse after sitting and feels better after walking. Is this normal? What should I do?

I have an open blister and fluid leakage 1 week after VNUS surgery, is this normal? What should I do? (4 answers)
I had VNUS surgery 8 days ago and really haven't had any problems until yesterday. I removed the butterfly closers and noticed the pathway of the vein, which had been red and rigid. Also, there is now an open blister with fluid running. Is this normal? What should I do?

Can on eat up to the time of the VNUS closure procedure? (4 answers)

I have more visible veins since my VNUS closure procedure, why is this? (3 answers)
I am 23 years old. I had the VNUS closure on both legs 2 years ago. They fixed the problem veins but so many more have shown up since then. I'd say there are three times as more. Why is this happening? I thought the procedure was supposed to stop more from forming but it looks worse. Also, my legs hurt every day after only standing for a couple hours. My doc said this does not have to do with my veins.

Why did I encounter so much pain during the VNUS closure procedure? (3 answers)
I had a VNUS procedure yesterday. No pain and just mild discomfort afterwards. But, I had excruciating pain during the procedure. Had two Valium and two Vicodin prior to the procedure but was quite alert until about half an hour after it was all over. Anxiety?

Should I have the Venefit procedure if I don't have varicose veins? (3 answers)
I am 30 years old and a vascular surgeon recently diagnosed me with CVI. I don't have any visible varicose veins yet, but I have had lots of pain and swelling in my lower legs for several years. Should I have VNUS or wait until I get varicose veins?

One year after VNUS treatment, injections? (3 answers)
My earlier question was regarding the ankle numbness I am still experiencing when I touch it. I went to a new provider, and they want to do sclerotherapy on the cluster of spider veins on my ankle where it's numb. Will it get worse or better?

I have large amounts of pain in my leg that I didn't have before after havign VNUS done. (3 answers)
The pain is intense with numbness and tingling. Will this go away or is this nerve damage?

Who wouldn't be a good candidate for VNUS/ELVT procedures? (3 answers)
Who would not be a good candidate for VNUS/ELVT procedures?

What is the difference between VNUS and EVLT? (3 answers)
Both procedures sound like they treat the greater saphenous vein. So what’s the difference between them?

VNUS in Calf & Thigh? (3 answers)
My doctor told me that I am one of the rare (5%) of patients needing VNUS treatment in the saphenous veins in both my thighs and calves, due to the insufficiencies shown in the duplex ultrasound. Can you tell me more? Is this more serious than usual?

Still numb to light touches after a year. (3 answers)
It has been a year since my VNUS closure and I'm still numb to light touches on my ankle. I feel like it has gotten better, but is it safe to say I'm stuck like this forever? or could something be pushing on the nerve stopping the healing?

Swollen ankles (3 answers)
I had venous and foam treatment to both of my legs one week ago. Recovery is good although my thigh is very bruised and tender. However, my ankles appear swollen. Is this normal?

Nausea after procedure normal after VNUS closure procedure? (3 answers)
I just had the VNUS closure procedure this AM. Is it normal to feel nauseated and just a little light headed since the procedure?

Extreme aching in my calf and achilles tendon since having sclerotherapy (2 answers)
I had VNUS done in April in my groin and in my calf. My leg healed I began to have aching and pain in the injection sights (groin and calf). I also have mysterious aching in my achilles tendon as well. I had an ulstrasound and my veins were fine.

Had VNUS done and the same day I forgot and lifted a 15-20lb box. My left leg was still numb so there was no pain. How do I know if I damaged it? (2 answers)
I have had no meds for 6 hours and woke up a bit stiff but no escurciating pain. I just want to know if I damaged it somehow by lifting? Thanks!

Venous Insufficiency - Thighs & Calves (2 answers)
My doctor told me that I am one of the rare (5%) of patients needing VNUS treatment in the saphenous veins in both my thighs and calves, due to the insufficiencies shown in the duplex ultrasound. Can you tell me more? Is this more serious than usual?

If I have Vnus closure performed on one leg, how long do I have to wait before I can have the other leg treated? (2 answers)

Why do I have more discomfort after my VNUS procedure? (2 answers)
About four months ago (March 22) I had the VNUS procedure, and then a few weeks after that (April 5) I had a second one. Both legs were treated. Prior to the procedure I was very physically active (running and P90 X workouts). Now I have heaviness, tightness and spasms in my legs that I never experienced before. My legs are worse than before! Why is this happening?

I experienced burning pain the night after the VNUS procedure was performed on my ankle, could a blood clot be forming? (2 answers)

My doctor wants to treat my great and small saphenous veins with the VNUS closure procedure. How long between procedures and is this appropriate? (2 answers)
My doctor wants to fix the great and small saphenous veins in both of my legs using the VNUS closure procedure. How long between procedures and is this appropriate?

Are the side effects I'm experiencing after VNUS closure normal? (2 answers)
I had the VNUS closure 9 days ago, and until now the part around and below the area where I had the incision is still numb. Every once in a while I experience some sharp, tolerable pain near my ankle. Are these side effects normal?

Is it normal to get a blood clot after VNUS closure? Is my doctor giving me the right aftercare? (2 answers)
I had VNUS closure 8 weeks ago, but I'm still experiencing a lot of soreness in my calf. I'm limping and can't walk very well. I went back for my checkup, and they said I have a blood clot in my muscle. The doctor put me on Clexane injections and anti-inflammatory drugs. Is it normal to have a blood clot after VNUS closure? Is my doctor giving me the right aftercare?

How long before I can swim and travel by plane after the VNUS procedure? (2 answers)
I have swam & used hot saunas almost every day for 30 years, so much so that my body has gotten used to it. I also exercise. How long before I can safely return to my routine? Also, how long after the procedure is it safe to travel by airplane? I am a 59 yo F who is 5'5.

How safe is the VNUS closure procedure? (1 answer)
I just turned 23 years old & I have venous reflux in both of my legs, which has been causing me great discomfort. I have to have the VNUS closure procedure performed within the next month or so. How safe/effective is the treatment? Complications? Pain during procedure?

Is it normal to have redness & hardness around my calf after VNUS closure? (1 answer)
I had the VNUS closure procedure 4 mo. ago on a small vein in my ankle. I had a cut that was not healing. The procedure was to shut down a faulty valve. The VNUS puncture site on my calf has not healed. It is red and hard around the site. Is this normal?

Are bubbling and bleeding normal after VNUS closure? (1 answer)
I just had VNUS a week ago. I had redness and warmth in my calf, so I went to my doctor. I was told that I have inflammation and should rest and take antibiotics and steroid cream. A couple of days later, though, my calf began to bubble and bleeding. Is this normal?

I have excruciating foot pain in the mornings. Would VNUS closure relieve the discomfort? (0 answers)
Upon awakening in the morning I have excruciating foot pain. Will the VNUS closure procedure relieve this condition?

What is recommended next step if the VNUS catheter wasn't able to reach the proximal portion of my saphenous vein? (0 answers)
I had both saphenous veins treated, but on one side the Dr. could not guide the catheter halfway between the knee and femoral vein junction. After several attempts, he just ablated the distal portion. There is now a new varicose vein above. What should be the next step?

How long will my symptoms last? My doctor thinks I have phlebitis. (0 answers)
I have had warmth, tenderness and mild swelling in my medial knee since my VNUS procedure 6 wks ago. About a week ago, my knee; flared up after increasing the amount of walking. I followed up with my MD and there was no sign of DVT on the ultrasound, but that it's likely phlebitis. How long can this last?

Can you take a Plan B pill while having a venefit treatment? I am in the middle of my 4th treatment. (0 answers)

How can a person tell if they have deep vein thrombosis? What are the signs? (0 answers)

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