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Asclera Questions

After receiving Asclera injections, a segment of my vein is hard and the area around it is red but painless. Should I be concerned?
Asclera - 11 months ago5 answers
I received Asclera injections for my legs veins. Now, I have a visible, small (1/3 inch) segment of the vein that is hardened and the area around it is red but painless. Should I be worried about this?
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How can I buy Asclera? I am a trained health care professional in sclerotherapy.
Asclera - 1 year ago6 answers
I need 1% and 3% Asclera--generic is better. Please advise.
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Can Asclera worsen the condition of an ulcer?
Asclera - 3 years ago2 answers
My 79 yr mom has leg ulcers on both feet. Asclera was injected last year. Ever since, however, she has had terrible bleeding off /on from her ulcers, esp when her feet are down. Is Asclera the cause of the bleeding? Is there anything we can do to counteract it?
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Does Asclera always need to be diluted?
Asclera - 3 years ago4 answers
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Is it normal for the lesser saphenous vein to clot following Asclera?
Asclera - 4 years ago3 answers
I had Asclera done 13 days ago, but it wasn't until 4 days ago that I noticed a vein on the back of my right calf had started to bruise longitudinally. A day later I noticed a red, hard, painful lump. I was told my lesser saphenous vein is clotted. Is this normal?
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How long do Asclera results last?
Asclera - 4 years ago7 answers
I have spider veins on both of my ankles and feet. The veins are 1mm in diameter. I've tried other types of solutions to get rid of them but thus far I have not had the results I wanted or needed. Would Asclera work? If so, for how long?
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I was given Asclera while breastfeeding. Should I be concerned?
Asclera - 4 years ago2 answers
I found out today, that I was given Asclera at my last two sclerotherapy sessions inadvertently. I am a nursing mother and was to be given saline only. As I had no idea, I nursed my baby afterwards. Should I be concerned? Do I have any recourse?
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Is asclera appropriate treatment for spider veins on my face?
Asclera - 5 years ago3 answers
I have one small "cluster" on my face, and would like it to disappear. What is the best treatment for this? Would laser spider-vein therapy work better?
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Will Asclera work on a hemangiona on the lower lip?
Asclera - 5 years ago1 answer
Will Asclera work on a hemangiona on the lower lip?
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Can Asclera be performed on spider veins if I have a connective tissue disorder?
Asclera - 6 years ago9 answers
I am getting ready to make an appointment for spider vein treatment on my feet and thighs. I was diagnosed with connective tissue disease in 1997. I had sclerotherapy done in 1993 and I know for sure I had this condition at that time.
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Effectiveness of Asclera vs saline injections?
Asclera - 6 years ago2 answers
Does Asclera work better than saline injections? I had saline injections 6 weeks ago and there was no improvement in my spider veins. The Dr. suggested using Asclera.
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Is it possible to use Asclera in other parts of the body?
Asclera - 6 years ago3 answers
Is it possible to use Asclera to treat purple, small, spider veins (1ml - 3ml) in the penis?
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How does Asclera compare to typical Sclerotherapy ingredients?
Asclera - 7 years ago1 answer
How does Asclera perform compared to other sclerants?
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