Sclerotherapy Questions

I still have a burning sensation where I had Sclerotherapy done to my ankle 2 weeks ago. It's so painful by the end of the night it keeps me up.
Sclerotherapy - 1 month ago3 answers
The veins are hard, but not discolored. I have to wear a different pair of sneakers when running because the vein by my ankle swells. Is this common? Will it go away with time? Thank you
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I had trapped blood removed after sclerotherapy 4 days ago, and now I have bad pain (getting worse) in one section where they did it. Is that normal?
Sclerotherapy - 3 months ago1 answer
The trapped blood was taken out in two areas, and the painful section is left of my knee and slightly lower. It even woke me up in the night it feels so sensitive/angry. It's very tender to the touch in one specific spot. Is this normal? I have to get on a plane in two hours and I'm concerned this isn't typical.
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My nurse says she does not need to use Veinlite during my sclerotherapy session. Should I seek treatment elsewhere?
Sclerotherapy - 4 months ago4 answers
My nurse says she does not need to use Veinlite during my sclerotherapy session. I am afraid that she will be unable to treat the bigger, feeder veins. Should I seek treatment elsewhere?
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Is it normal to develop clotted, lumpy veins after sclerotherapy on the hands? Can the clots be removed or dispersed? How long before they disappear?
Sclerotherapy - 5 months ago4 answers
I recently had hand sclerotherapy. 4 weeks post-treatment, the treated veins are clotted and lumpy. My doctor drained some veins but said the solid clots will be reabsorbed. A worry is these veins are causing new yellow and green discoloration on the hands and they will continue to do that for as long as they are still there. So, solid clots can't be removed or dispersed in some way? How long can it take for solid clots to disappear? Can they not be evacuated?
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Can you do sclerothetapy after having a pulmonary embolism
Sclerotherapy - 5 months ago2 answers
It has been 2 years since my pulmonary embolism. Can I have sclerotherapy?
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Are consultations free?
Sclerotherapy - 5 months ago7 answers
I have some light spider veins on my thighs and am considering getting sclerotherapy. Are the consultations free? .
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Immediatley after sclerotherapy I noticed tightness and pain on the top of my foot. It has been 2 days and it is still there. Should I be concerned?
Sclerotherapy - 6 months ago2 answers
I had sclerotherapy 2 days ago and immediately following the session I noticed a tightness and discomfort on the top of my foot. I had varicose veins treated and according to the doctor they were long, big veins in which she used a UV red light to see. She told me I would only need 1 treatment. I have also noticed that there are either more veins or the veins that were treated are darker. It has only been 2 days but I'm slightly concerned. Thoughts?
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How long do I need to wait to get a second session of foam sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 6 months ago1 answer
I got one session of foam sclerotherapy last week. How many weeks before I can get another session?
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Can you have sclerotherapy after a DVT and PE if you no longer are taking warfarin?
Sclerotherapy - 7 months ago4 answers
I had a previous diagnosis of DVT and PE, but am fully recovered and no longer taking warfarin or other medication. I have some unsightly spider veins and wanted to know if sclerotherapy is contraindicated with my previous diagnoses.
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What is the risk involved in the sclerotherapy procedure?
Sclerotherapy - 8 months ago2 answers
What are the risks and side effects of the sclerotherapy procedure, if any, and what can be done should they arise?
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My leg is swollen after sclerotherapy. Is this serious? Common? What should I do?
Sclerotherapy - 8 months ago2 answers
I have minor varicose veins. After having sclerotherapy yesterday, my leg began to swell. Is this common? Serious? Could the bandage/dressing that was placed around my leg be the cause? What can be done to alleviate the inflammation?
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I had no pain after my first set of sclerotherapy injections. One week later I have pain that is not alleviated by Motrin and compression. What now?
Sclerotherapy - 10 months ago8 answers
I did have a thorough ultrasound. I did not take any OTC pain med until today. I have been walking. My entire leg hurts from foot all the way up the back to the top of the thigh. It's particularly uncomfortable when I bend my knee. I've tried to keep it propped all day when I've had to sit.
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