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I have chronic venous insufficiency and mild May-Thurner syndrome, is it too risky to get pregnant? Also, should I consider stenting?
Stenting - 5 months ago
I was diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency and mild May-Thurner syndrome 4 years ago. I have never been pregnant. I manage the problem daily with compression socks and a low-salt diet. Both legs swell every day, the right one especially. Is it too high risk to get pregnant? I am a 32-year-old female. Also, should I look into stenting?
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How long should stents last?
Stenting - 7 months ago
I've had 3 procedures, 2 stents on my left leg & I'm going in for another.. It's only been 6 mos from the last one & this time the cramping & numbness are worse in my leg & foot. Please help.
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What are stents and when are they used in the legs?
Stenting - 1 year ago
Stenting is a relatively new topic for me. Can you please inform me about the process? Can stents be dangerous or lead to death?
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What should I do for a deep vein clot?
Stenting - 2 years ago
I have had a deep vein clot for six months now and my thigh pain is getting worse. I also have a clot in the superfical vein on the side of my leg. I was told they are both large. Is there anything I can do to open/remove them or get rid of the pain?
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I am 43 female I have had surgical treaments however my left leg still hurts all the time what can I do?
Stenting - 2 years ago
I Have had stripping, ligation, injections.I am a normal weight try to be active although with exercise of any kind my leg hurts after. I don't have all the bulging of the veins but with standing my leg goes darker and my foot swells and ankle.
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