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Laser & Light Therapy near Kissimmee, FL (Florida)

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About Laser & Light Therapy

Laser & Light therapy is a form of skin rejuvenation.  It can assist in diminishing your fine lines and wrinkles. There is little to no recovery time, you can go back to work or resume other activities immediately following therapy.

Laser & light therapy utilizes a number of wavelengths or colors in each pulse of light instead of just one wavelength.  Because this procedure uses filters, it is capable of giving the exact amount of energy output that is necessary for specific treatment of targeted areas. This helps the penetration cycle and avoids the use of excessive energy reaching to the target tissue preventing any damage.

Laser & light therapy is a non-ablative resurfacing treatment option that is aimed towards the lower layers of skin or dermis without affecting the top layers of skin or epidermis. The results aren’t typically as dramatic as ablative resurfacing where both the dermis and epidermis are injured to produce a much more noticeable overall outcome.

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