Swollen ankle before EVLT procedure, will it go away?

My ankle was swollen for quite some time before I had the EVLT procedure a few days ago. My doctor said he thought it was swollen due to the incompetence of my saphenous vein. If that's true, how long should it take for the ankle swelling to go down?

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I have numbness after EVLT with phlebectomy, will this ever resolve? (10 answers)
I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) with phlebectomy on the left leg 3 days ago. I now have numbness around my left ankle, on the left side of my foot, and running up the right side of my shin from the ankle to a few inches below the knee. Will this numbness likely resolve?

How long can I wait to have my great saphenous vein treated? (9 answers)
I recently went in to have sclerotherapy on two veins on the lower left leg. I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) on the small saphenous vein and it was VERY, VERY painful. The doctor now wants to do the great saphenous vein, but I have reservations. How long can I wait to have it done? Is there a time frame?

Can you have rope-like varicose veins and not have saphenofemoral reflux? (9 answers)

If the preferred method of ELVT is treating one leg at a time, how long will I have to wait before doing the second leg? (8 answers)
I run 12 miles twice a week. It has been suggested that both of my legs need endovenous laser treatment. How soon after treating one leg can I have the other leg treated? Is it possible to begin running [carefully] 5-7 days after treating each leg?

Is it OK to undergo EVLT while being treated for Lyme disease? (7 answers)
My right leg has reflux, and I needed the surgery 5 years ago but chickened out. Now I'm being treated for Lyme disease and the vein situation has worsened. Is it okay to have an endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) while being treated for Lyme disease? I am concerned that the medications (antibiotics) might affect the procedure or cause additional side effects.

I just had an endovenous laser treatment and now my doctor refuses to do sclerotherapy, should I consult with another specialist? (7 answers)
I had an endovenous laser treatment on my left small saphenous vein (SSV), which was 6.1. My left great saphenous vein (GSV) is 2.3. I found the procedure to be extremely painful, so I decided not to have EVLT done on the great saphenous vein. I spoke with my doctor about performing sclerotherapy instead, but he refuses to do it on veins that you can see unless I do the GSV. Should I see another doctor about this?

I am getting mixed information from two reputed physicians, who should I trust more? (7 answers)
I am a 25-year-old male who has been diagnosed with varicose veins in my both legs. I went to two reputed radiologists in my town and as per their reports, all my junctions are competent except one incompetent branch of great saphenous vein. My vascular surgeon, on the other hand, says my saphenofemoral junction is incompetent. Who should I believe?

Can I use a heating pad to ease the pain after my EVLT procedure? (7 answers)

Why wait for microphlebectomy after EVLT? (6 answers)
I clearly needed post-EVLT microphlebectomy or sclerotherapy. Why would I have to wait six months to be re-evaluated, when my legs clearly are not improved cosmetically? I feel that it should be done as soon as possible. What are your recommendations?

Can EVLT get rid of my muscle strains and night cramping? (6 answers)
I've been considering endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) for two years. I'm an active 50 year old female who runs. For more than six years I've had frequent muscle strains of the lower leg and calf while doing activity, and for approximately 10 years I've had night cramping. Can EVLT resolve this issue or are these symptoms not a causation of varicose/spider veins?

Why would pain shift from one leg to the other after EVLT/phlebectomy? (6 answers)
I had varicose veins in both legs, but only pain in the right. Three weeks ago I had EVLT and a phlebectomy on the right leg. However, two weeks after the procedure I had intense pain in the leg that was treated. The discomfort has since faded, but now I have intense, "NEW" pain on the LEFT. Any idea why?

When I stand after sitting or laying for a relatively short time the vein feels like it is being stretched, how long will this last? (6 answers)
I had endovenous laser treatment about 3 weeks ago. When I stand after sitting for 15+ minutes it feels like the vein in my leg (below my knee) is being stretched. Also, my leg is numb around the site the laser traveled. Is this normal and how long will this last?

My doctor suggested radiofrequency ablation over EVLT because I have large veins, is this argument valid? (6 answers)
My vein doctor said radiofrequency ablation would be better than laser (EVLT) because I have such large veins. I read a lot about radiofrequency ablation and it seems a good option, but is the "big veins" argument valid?

Is it normal to have dull pain in my heel after endovenous laser treatment? What should I do? (5 answers)
I had the greater and lesser saphenous veins treated in my right leg about 3 weeks ago. Since the procedure, I have had dull pain in my heel. At first I thought it was the way I was walking after the surgery, but the problem has persisted. Pain is the same standing or sitting. Is this normal? What should I do?

My doctor wants to treat the greater and lesser saphenous veins in both legs on the same day, is this appropriate? (5 answers)
My doctor wants to treat the greater and lesser saphenous veins in both my legs with EVLT and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy in the same session (that's a total of 4 veins). Am I likely to have more complications by having so much done all at once? I am an active 44 year old.

Can EVLT be performed if someone has deep vein reflux? (5 answers)
I have been diagnosed with reflux in the deep vein, and also in the greater saphenous vein. Can I do the EVLT procedure on my great saphenous vein while I have the reflux in the deep vein? One of the doctors I saw said I have to do multiple EVLT on my leg.

Is pain while standing common after EVLT with phlebectomy? (5 answers)
Two weeks ago I had EVLT (endovenous laser treatment) with phlebectomy in my right leg. The only significant, stinging pain I have now comes when I stand still for a minute or so. Does this have to do with blood pooling? Is this common and will it resolve itself over time?

Can EVLT be done after vein stripping surgery? (5 answers)
I had vein stripping surgery 11 years ago, but my feet have gotten worse. Is it safe to have an endovenous laser treatment after vein stripping surgery? Will I still have enough veins to support my legs? I am 40 years old now.

Is EVLT recommended for patients who have severe PAD? (5 answers)
And might be the risks of EVLT for someone with peripheral artery disease (PAD)?

If I have blue veins (reticular veins) on my upper body, does this mean I have a valve problem in my deep veins? (5 answers)
I all of a sudden had blue veins on my waist, chest, inner upper arms, hands, neck and face, as well as legs, without pregnancy. They seem to be reticular veins and the ones on my arm burn. Does this mean I have a valve problem in my deep veins?

Is it normal for veins to be more painful and appear worse after EVLT? (5 answers)
I had EVLT in January 2012 and I have seen a significant increase in the appearance of blue-green veins. They are much worse than prior to EVLT, but my doctor said this is unrelated. I also feel pain and a tugging sensation during exercise, which he says is normal and may last for 12 months. Is this true?

Is an anesthetic given with every EVLT treatment? (5 answers)
I've read on several sites that an anesthetic is applied or given before the insertion of the EVLT catheter. I have had three EVLT treatments and have not been given anesthetic, though I would have appreciated it. Should anesthetic always be given with EVLT?

What is the difference between ELAS, EVLT and ELVES? (4 answers)
And which one would be better?

Can I get phlebectomy for surface blue veins? (4 answers)
I had EVLT done on both legs 6 months ago and stab on the back of my calves for varicose bulging. Now I noticed superficial blue veins on the tops of my thighs and calves. Can I get phlebectomy for these or should I just live with them?

Is numbness and pain normal after EVLT? (4 answers)
I had EVLT done on my rt leg three weeks ago. I still have pain and walk with a limp. It hurts to straighten my knee fully. It's as if the back of my knee is "tight". I got a large blister on my thigh and am completely numb in my groin and rt hip area

Why do I have severe pain 9 days after EVLT? (4 answers)
Could this be the nerves? I'm a 33-year-old and an athlete in good physical condition. I have been on Percocet since the procedure and want to stop, but the pain is severe in the upper thigh. Ultrasound was normal. What could this be?

Which procedure works better on varicose veins, sclerotherapy or EVLT? (4 answers)
When should one of these procedures NOT be done on veins?

Can you explain benefits of ELAS vs. EVLT? (4 answers)
Is there any known benefit to getting an ELAS procedure over the EVLT procedure or vice versa for repeat procedures?

After endovenous laser ablation treatment, how long does it take for the tightness/discomfort to resolve? (4 answers)
I'm athletic, in good shape, and have always had excellent flexibility. I am concerned because 4 weeks after endovenous laser treatment my knees are better but not "normal." I cannot bend them all the way (calf to thigh) without tightness/discomfort. My Dr. hasn't been helpful. When will the tightness/discomfort resolve?

What should I do about my EVLT-related symptoms? (3 answers)
Good day, I had EVLT on both legs one month ago. I have worn my stockings faithfully, but since the past 2 days my right leg is swollen from the knee down and it's painful to walk.I also have two bumps where the vein was and my skin is warm to touch. What should I do?

Veins bulging even after 4 EVLTs (3 answers)
I had 4 EVLTs performed. It has been 1 year since my last procedure, and my veins still bulge out slightly (giving the appearnce of cellulite in front of thigh) after running or standing on my feet. What gives? Has the treatment been inneffective?

Is having three EVLTs scheduled for three days in a row safe? (3 answers)
They are each around midday to have a 24-hour gap. But should I wait longer than that?

EVLT Vs. VNUS closure procedure: Which is better? (3 answers)
I wanted to know which procedure is better, safer and less painful? I went to two different vein specialist, and one is recommending EVLT but the other says that VNUS is better and less painful. Is this true?

Is there any website that will give me insight on my doctor? (3 answers)
I went to a doctor for endovenous laser treatment. The area he treated actually looks worse than before. Is there any website that will give me insight on my doctor? I wander what type of reviews he's gotten and whether other patients have had the same problem as me.

I have numbness in my right leg 6 months after EVLT, will the feeling ever come back? If so, is there anything I can do to speed up the process? (3 answers)
I went to have my 6 month ultrasound after having both legs treated with endovenous laser ablation. According to my doctor, there is still trapped blood below my right knee. He assumes it will find a way out eventually. Is this true? Also, my right leg is numb. He says that this may be permanent. Will the feeling ever come back? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? I completely regret doing this. :(

Does it make sense to have endovenous laser ablation for just the thigh when the greater saphenous vein has reflux throughout the entire vein? (2 answers)

Daily wearing of compression stockings after EVLT procedure (2 answers)
I have a family history of varicose veins, and recently had a EVLT. Because I do not want to go through this procedure again, would it be harmful for me to wear a lower grade compression stocking now, for the rest of my life? I am 56.

Will EVLT eliminate the veins on the bottom of my legs? (2 answers)
I am 34 years old male and have bulging varicose veins on the bottom of my legs. I went to see a vein specialist and he recommended EVLT. The EVLT will be done on the upper part of my leg only, up to the knee. Will this eliminate the veins on the bottom of my legs?

Can the upper part of my thigh be treated? (2 answers)
I have vericose veins on my lower and upper legs, can the upper part of my thigh be treated to remove these, or is this treatment only for lower parts of the leg? Would it be a different treatment for the different areas?

EVLT with combined superficial and deep vein insufficiency (2 answers)
I have been diagnosed with significant reflux in my femoral vein and greater saphenous vein following pregnancy. Would EVLT help or is it contraindicated because of the deep vein insufficiency? I have heaviness, pain, redness, and swelling (no clots)

Is it normal for endovenous laser treatment to cause extreme pain? (2 answers)
I had endovenous laser treatment yesterday. Prior to the procedure, I was given half of a small anti-anxiety pill. I was in so much pain and could feel the needles going deep into my veins. I wish they would have put me under because it hurt unbelievably. Is this normal? Should I have been sedated?

I've developed livedo reticularis 6 months after laser ablation of the great saphenous vein, could this be due to the procedure? (2 answers)

Are the symptoms I'm having 9 months after EVLT normal? (2 answers)
I had EVLT on my right leg in July 2013. The doctor noted my GSV "stump" was a little long at my postoperative ultrasound. It healed well, but now I'm having pain at the stump, or so I believe. Could I be developing a blood clot? Is my vein reopening or collapsing?

A week after EVLT an area of my leg turned red and became sore/hot to the touch, should I trust that nothing is wrong? (2 answers)
I had endovenous laser treatment and a week later I noticed a red area 3 inches above the incision that was sore and hot to the touch. I called the doctor who did the procedure and he said not to worry about this, that it is too early on. Should I trust him?

Is it safe to have the EVLT procedure if you have severe PAD? (1 answer)
Is it safe to have the EVLT procedure if you have severe PAD, and what would the danger be?

Is a bluging vein and severe pressure normal after my EVLT with microphlebectomy yesterday? (1 answer)
I had my procedure yesterday and felt severe pressure off and on when standing yesterday and took the bandages off today. I noticed one large vein that still seems to bulge in the back of my knee. I had 25 microphlebectomy incisions. Is this normal?

Will having this procedure affect athletic performance? (1 answer)
I am a few weeks from possibly having EVLA on my leg and am panicking as I am a competitive runner and fitness enthusiast. I have read a lot of different opinios about exercise post-treatment and am concerned about my future with running afterwards.

Microphlebectomy or EVLT with Sclerotherapy? (1 answer)
1 year ago I saw a doctor who said I needed a microphlebectomy for the varicose veins on my right calf. I never did it as I was worried about recuperation. I recently went to a new doctor who said I need evlt and Sclerotherapy. Which is better? I'm 34 and healthy

Radiowave ablation resulted in cooking blood and now have vein open with one big clot. Doctor says it may be absorbed by the body and vein will open. (1 answer)
Radiowave ablation resulted in cooking the blood in the vein to form one big clot that is holding the saphanous vein open. It is stopping the blood from going backwards, but doctor said my body may absorb the clot and the vein will be opened.

Had EVL ablation of saphenous vein 6 weeks ago. Still have pain and cramping in calf. Normal? (1 answer)
6 weeks after EVL ablation of saphenous vein I still have pain and cramping in calf and soreness near my groin. All of this comes and goes. There's no general swelling. Usually feels better if I'm moving. Do I need to worry.? I see my doctor in a couple of weeks.

Will EVLT help with leg swelling? (1 answer)
Other than some bulging and pain, my main problem regarding my veins is my feet and ankle swelling. I have been diagnosed with veinous insufficiency. Will EVLT help the swelling?

Very odd pain after excercising (1 answer)
Had evlt 2 wks ago. I started my normal workout routine 7 dys ago. Id been feeling great with Arnica Cream, then 2 days ago while exercising I got a bad pulling pain & big knot.My doc says go to primary doc? Why, when it's right on the vein? Im scared

Why is leg (upper thigh) still numb after ELVT procedure? Are the compression stocking not fitting well to blame? (1 answer)
Had ELVT procedure today, doctor informed that anesthesia will go away within 1-2 hours, it is almost 6 hours later and upper leg still numb, it the compression hose causing this because it doesn't fit right? Or is it something else?

Should I treat my hormonal imbalance before my veins? (1 answer)
I am only 23. My veins started when I took the estrogen pill for my hormonal imbalance. I stopped the pill and performed EVLT on one leg. However, I still suffer from hormonal imbalance. Should I treat my hormones first before my veins? Thank you!

Is EVLT worth doing? (1 answer)
I had an ultrasound and have varicose veins in 3 areas on my legs. Most are hidden, only one vein is bulging. What am I risking by NOT having EVLT done? I'm worried about EVLT's side effects, e.g., blood clots. Is it safer to leave my veins alone?

Pain returned after EVLT/sclerotherapy, do you know what might be wrong? (1 answer)
I had EVLT and it resolved most of my pain. Four weeks after I had foam sclerotherapy, my pain returned. Actually, it has worsened. One month post, I wear 30-40 mmHgstockings daily, but still I hurt SO much. I see my dr in a month-any thoughts about what might be wrong?

I had bilateral EVLT 3 weeks ago and now have pitting edma. Is this normal? (1 answer)
I had EVLT bilateral, with the last leg being done 3 weeks ago. I am having pitting edema and want to know if this can be a side effect of the EVLT? I have continued to wear my compression hose to try and prevent severe swelling.

Seven weeks after EVLT I have pain and the area where vein was is now hard and tender. Could this be from exercising, or is this just normal? (1 answer)
I had EVLT on my right leg 7 weeks ago and have been feeling normal for over 2 weeks now and then suddenly I have pain again and there is a hard/tender area where the vein was. It hurts to touch. Could this be from exercising (no heavy weights), or is this just normal?

I have severe itching and redness after EVLT, is this normal? (0 answers)
I had endovenous laser treatment on both legs in December. My leg is still discolored and numb at the injection sites, but my major problems are redness and extreme itching. The pattern travels up and then down my leg. I am scared to go back to the doctor who treated me. Is what I am experiencing normal? Should I seek the care of another doctor?

I'm 2 months post-EVLT. Within the last 3-4 days I've developed pain that worsens at night. I'm taking 800 mg ibuprofen. How can I ease the pain? (0 answers)

Is it dangerous for someone to have Endovenous Ablation if they have lymphedema? (0 answers)
I have enlarged greater saphenous veins in both legs.EVLT was treated on the left and made no changes in swelling. I was then told it is lymphedema; however, they want to do the EVLT in my right leg. Is this dangerous?

Post EVLT stockingstoo loose and too tight (0 answers)
I had EVLT last week. The first 7 days, I wore older stockings that were too loose. Will that be an issue? I felt compresion but not a lot. Now I have new stockings that are nice and tight, but the top feels as if there is a rubberband around my thigh. Advice?

Is it recommended to wear compressions while working out? (0 answers)
I had an EVLT and have been given the OK to go back to the gym. Is it recommended to wear compression stockings wile working out?

What type of laser is used on varicose/spider veins, and why does the type matter? (0 answers)
I've heard of 810nm and 910nm lasers being used, but what are the others? What does the actual wavelength have to do with the procedure and how does it affect the vein as it increases or decreases?

Post - EVLT 14 days (0 answers)
Hi. I had a EVLT done 14 days ago by a reputable doctor that has performed hundreds of EVLT's. When I'm standing, it hurts/itches/burns/pulls along the GSV worse than it did before I had the procedure done. Will this pain eventually go away?

Thermal damage post EVLT, 2 1/2 yrs ago. (0 answers)
Dr. had trouble starting temecent/saline line at the beginning of the treatment. Resulting in thermal damage. What, if any, therapy or treatment may help?

Pins and Needles - Pain after EVLT (0 answers)
so 2 months after a gr.saph. evlt, I get pain which feels like pins and needles around my foot, as well as pain on the sole of my foot when pressing down. Whereas before I never had any of these, just swelling of gr.saph. vein which was ok if I used stockings. Any clue on what is wrong? Did they mess up?

Should the GSV be completely closed one week post EVLT or should it take longer? (0 answers)
I recently had EVLT and when I went for my 5 day post ultrasound it still showed flow bilaterally in the GSV. Was just curious if it was suppose to immediately close or it should be closed after 3 weeks of wearing the compression hose.

I had EVLT on each leg and my ankle is swelling. (0 answers)
I had EVLT on the GSV and LSV in each leg. I have pitting edema in my ankles and feet- I'm 3 months post procedures, and never had any swelling before procedures. I was told I needed this EVLT before I could get my spider veins fixed. Very disappointed.

Can EVLT be done if you have vascular & arterial disease? (0 answers)
Can the EVLT proceedure be done if a person has vascular & arterial disease? I am 71, not overweight, no diabetes, and very active.

Why would this bulging vein STILL be visible ? (0 answers)
After having the EVLT procedure 14 days ago and wearing the prescribed compression stocking for 10 days as instructed I now see that the varicose vein has not entirely 'vanished'. Does this take time for the vein to completely "die off"? Confused.

Sharp pain along vein path. (0 answers)
I had an EVLT procedure 16 days ago & the last 2 days I have a sharp, intermittent pain goes from the insertion site to groin area along the vein path. It only happens when I'm not wearing the compression hose. Last US showed no clots. Any ideas?

Intense pain righr after EVLT. (0 answers)
I had evlt earlier today and I'm now experiencing pretty intense pain on my inner thigh to the point where I am limping and close to tears. This is coming from someone who has had past instances of stitches, broken bones,and invasive surgery. Is this pain normal?

Is it safe to get pregnant after the greater saphenous vein has been closed with the laser? (0 answers)
Is it safe to get pregnant after the greater saphenous vein has been closed with the laser? I am concerned about DVT and PE during pregnancy. Am I at higher risk of DVT and PE because the valves in my greater saphenous vein weren't working prop?

Will my veins disappear completely after having the EVLT procedure? (0 answers)
Can they return over time?

Is it safe for obese individuals to undergo EVLT? (0 answers)
I am clinically obese but have no other major health problems, other than painful varicose veins. Would I be an acceptable candidate for EVLT or other procedures?

How much recovery time do I need after EVLT? (0 answers)
How much time should I expect to take off work?

If my father died as result of pulmonary embolism, that means I have an increased risk of thrombosis after EVLT? (0 answers)
If my father died as result of a pulmonary embolism, that means I have an increased risk of thrombosis after EVLT?

Is it okay to take contraceptive pills after EVLT? (0 answers)
Is this allowed?

Will lifting weights contribute to the large veins returning after EVLT? (0 answers)
I had EVLT and Sclerotherapy on the lower leg area. Will lifting weights for the upper body promote the return of the large visible veins?

Will vein ablation in the upper leg treat bulging veins in my calves? (0 answers)
My bulging veins are only in my calves and I understand that the treatment is above the knee only. Realistically will the bulging veins go away after the treatment?

Is it safe to resume weight lifting after EVLT? (0 answers)
Is it ok to resume weight lifting after EVLT. Will weight lifting or any other intense activities contribute to varicose veins

I'm in a lot of pain after a failed EVLT attempt, what should I do? (0 answers)
It's been 5 days since an attempted EVLT on my R leg. Dr. spent 1+ hrs trying to thread the initial wire thru the vein but was unsuccessful - it was very painful.Now my leg is really sore and hard to move. Dr seems unconcerned. What do I do?

Can EVLT be used on bulging feet veins? If not, what can be done to eliminate them? (0 answers)

Five weeks after EVLT I have pain and swelling, is this normal? (0 answers)
I still have a pulling sensation and the same feeling I had when I still had my vein prior to EVLT five weeks ago. I also notice that the areas of incision and my ankles are swollen. Is this normal? I had my post-op ultrasound and all seemed OK.

Three months post-EVLT and 2 months post-sclerotherapy, I still have pain & heaviness. Why is this happening? What should I do? (0 answers)
Three months post-EVLT and 2 months post-sclerotherapy, I still have pain & heaviness. Also, the injection sites are still very sore. My doc said I should be fine by now since my ultrasound looks OK. I was released from his care with no answer. Any thoughts? nerve pain?

Is it normal to have progressive pain and tightness one week after endovenous laser treatment? ? (0 answers)
One week after having endovenous laser ablation performed on my great saphenous vein, I am feeling a lot of pulling, stretching pain in my calf. The anterolateral thigh tributary varicosed vein is closing up, and a post-op ultrasound showed that everything is fine. Are the side effects I'm feeling normal?

My great saphenous vein is thrombosed 6 weeks after EVLT, what should I do? Why did this happen? (0 answers)
I had EVLT on my great saphenous vein 6 weeks ago, but I still have pain along the lateral side of my leg. The discomfort tends to occur after standing, or when wearing compression stockings. The Doppler ultrasound shows that my small saphenous vein is competent, but that the great saphenous vein is thrombosed. What should I do? Why did this happen?

Pain has reoccurred almost two months after EVLT/Phlebectomy, why is this happening? (0 answers)
I had EVLT on my left leg Nov 22 and am scheduled to have the right leg done at the end of the week. Everything went fine until a week ago. Both ultrasounds have looked good, but now I have a constant ache in my inner groin down to my calf. I am worried about going ahead with the second procedure. What should I do?

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