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Raymond Little, F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I. Dr. Raymond Little founded Houston Heart & Vascular Associates to provide comprehensive heart and vascular evaluation and treatment for his patients. He quickly realized that this was the best way to provide the high quality of care that he had become known for over the past decade in private practice. In a departure from conventional thinking, he is aware that vascular diseases are severely under-diagnosed and woefully under-treated. The HHVA philosophy is that the arteries and veins complete the circulation system and should not be overlooked. Dr. Little has coined the phrase "Cardiovascular care is more than the heart." Dr. Little's vision was to create a comprehensive center for the evaluation and treatment of heart and vascular diseases. The result of that vision was the launching of The Vein Institute @ HHVA, which specializes in state of the art treatment of varicose veins. To facilitate diagnosis, Dr. Little uses Venous Duplex Ultrasound at the time of the initial consultation. By implementing the newest advances in vein technology such as Endovenous Vein Laser Treatment ("EVLT"), Microphlebectomy and Sclerotherapy, Dr. Little's patients have experienced gratifying results. Each procedure takes about 45 minutes. Patients are encouraged to resume walking immediately after treatment. Dr. Little, who received his medical training in Boston and at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C., strongly encourages his patients not to let their vein problems go untreated. He states that more than 40 million people have varicose veins in the US alone, about 25% of women and 15% of men. Dr. Little is a tireless advocate of efforts to raise awareness of vascular disease, giving many lectures to local businesses, civic groups and chambers of commerce. The success of the Vein Institute has resulted in the addition of aesthetic services to accentuate their cosmetic vein service line.
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