Rivka Chaya Bushell

Health & Medical Writer

Rivka is a proficient and versatile technical writer with competencies in the Medical and IT industries. Known for her direct, and personable representation of highly technical subject matter, readers find Rivka's articles clear and illuminating.

At Internet Brands, Rivka has researched and authored dozens of pages of health content on topics in the vein, dermatology and urology specialties of medicine. Prior to this, she was the communications manager for eHealthForum, an online health community that hosts 200+ medical forums.

Rivka received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Binghamton University in New York. 

Additional Articles by Rivka Chaya Bushell

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Are bulging, uncomfortable veins causing you to cover up in the summer, avert your eyes in front of a mirror, or put your feet up more often than you’d like? You may be tempted t...

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Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), also known as chronic venous disease (CVD), is a condition in which problems with vein circulation impede the return of blood from the legs to t...

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