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What is a Varicocele?

varicocele is mass of enlarged, twisted blood vessels that occur in the spermatic cord, a scrotal structure comprised of blood vessels, nerves and the duct that transports sperm from the testicles to the vas deferens. As with any other other blood vessel, blood vessels in the scrotum are lined with tiny valves that control the flow of blood. If these tiny valves fail, the flow of blood is disrupted and causes swelling in the vessels. These valves can malfunction as the result of several reasons, including congenital defects or conditions; trauma or injury; or pressure from surrounding organs and structures which can cause blood vessels to compress, placing additional pressure on the valves and causing them to malfunction.

Appearance wise, this condition is clinically likened to a bag of worms. Though alarming, some varicoceles are asymptomatic and do not prompt any concern. However, some individuals may experience pain, aching and heaviness as a direct result of the varicocele and in a few rare cases, atrophy. A more common occurrence with varicocele is male infertility. Although the direct relationship between varicocele and male infertility has not been clearly defined, clinicians believe infertility occurs as blood circulation slows, allowing the sperm to become overheated in the spermatic cord, resulting in sperm death.

Who is Likely Affected?

Roughly 10 to 20 percent of all men develop a varicocele, with the condition developing most often around puberty. In other cases, varicoceles may develop a later in life as a result of vascular disease.

The process involved in the development of a varicocele is very similar to that which occurs with varicose veins in other areas of the body. These bulging, twisted veins also occur as a result of malfunctioning valves within the vessel’s internal structure.

Treatment Options for Varicoceles

Varicoceles can be treated through several approaches; however the most common approach is varicocelectomy. This is an outpatient surgical procedure that involves your specialist making a small incision in the groin or abdomen to remove the varicocele. The procedure takes about an hour to perform and typically beckons up to a week of recovery time. Strenuous lifting and exercise is prohibited for an additional seven to 10 days.

Newer techniques, including embolization and laparoscopy, are less invasive and focus on preventing blood flow within the compromised vessels, either by creating an intentional obstruction or by tying off the varicocele. By preventing blood flow, the compromised vessel can eventually atrophy. Both embolization and laparoscopy are less invasive than varicocelectomy, and both are associated with only a few days of recovery time. However, these techniques are also associated with a higher risk of recurrence of the varicocele.

Each technique will require use of icepacks during the initial 24 hours following surgery to reduce swelling and improve healing. You may also be given a special support garment to wear during recovery and healing.

What are the risks associated with treatment?

Generally speaking, the risks of varicocele treatments are the same as with any other type of surgery, and include potential infection, as well as bruising, swelling and discoloration. About five to 20 percent of men who receive treatment experience a recurrence of varicocele, with embolization and laparoscopy generally associated with higher rates of recurrence. When varicocele does recur, embolization and laparoscopy are the techniques most often used to correct the recurrence.

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