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VNUS Closure Fast Called a "Quantum Leap" in Vein Treatment

A recent article on the use of the new VNUS Closure Fast system included a quote by a vein treatment doctor calling the system "a quantum leap" in his field of practice. That could sound like an exaggeration to someone who wasn't familiar with vein treatment but for those people who work in the industry the description seems accurate.

It wasn't too long ago that vein stripping was the most common form of treatment for varicose veins. The process was, as its name suggests, painful. It required hospitalization and a lengthy recovery time. Although the process is still done sometimes today, it's not the preferred method of choice for vein treatment.

And although the new VNUS Closure Fast system is extremely new on the market, it's rapidly becoming that preferred treatment method. It takes the pain out of the procedure, removes the requirement of a hospital stay and turns varicose vein treatment into something that the average patient can comfortably handle. When it comes to patient care, that's certainly a quantum leap.

Question of the Day: Would you have gotten vein stripping for varicose veins if it was the recommended treatment option?

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