25 Most Influential: Joseph A. Zygmunt, Jr., RVT

Joseph A. Zygmunt, Jr., RVT

A colleague had this to say: “Joe was instrumental in the pioneering days of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy in the late 1980’s, co-authoring the first paper on the subject, which is still mentioned in many international meetings. This application lead to the future thinking and development of other ultrasound based techniques, namely endovenous catheter techniques. Joe has also championed the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for venous disease since 1988, being the founding chairperson for the ultrasound section of the ACP, and the only non-physician who participated on the development of the ACPh board exam process.”

In your opinion, which area of research is yielding the most advancement in the field?

Hemodymanic understanding of flow patterns in the leg.

What advancements are long overdue?

Treatment of spider veins - something to make this more effective with less pigmentation, etc.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

Seeing the varied levels of quality care being administered across the country.

Is there a particular case that stands out in your mind?

A patient who was misdiagnosed 3 times with deep vein insufficiency, and told to wear stockings for the rest of her life. What was odd is that she was only 42 andexcept for her varicose veins, had a relatively normal looking leg. Upon examination, her saphenous vein was anatomically dilated and rotated to align with the deep system. It is my belief that this vein was mistaken for the femoral vein and thus the incorrect diagnosis of deep vein insufficiency. We wound up doing an ELVT and phlebectomy on this lady who did very well.

Describe an unlikely success story.

Found pulsatile flow in the common femoral veins bilaterally in a 45 year old man who had significant skin changes bilaterally at the ankle. As it turned out he had a problem with his cardiac anatomy - leading to venous overload.

Are you involved in leading or teaching educational symposiums at clinics, hospitals, universities, etc? Please share your experiences.

Lecturer and workshop demonstrations at ACP, American Academy of Dermatology, IVC, AVF, Sedona Days and other programs.

Tell us about any publications or research you are currently working on or recently finished.

I just finished a paper on vein mapping.

Have you been actively involved in any public awareness campaigns? Please give us the details on how the campaign was structured, examples of campaign materials and the response received from the community in which you practice.

DVT screening program sponsored by the AVF. They provided forms, instructions, and sample ads - all of which were very helpful. We were able to screen about 50 patients in 2 afternoons - with positive results.

Who or what inspires you the most?

Helane Fronek - she was very helpful in the early days, encouraging continued interest in teaching and contributing to the field. She has a passion for phlebology which is, in my opinion, unparalleled.

What question did we not ask that we should? Now, answer it!!

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